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Why Attendance Records Are So Important

The letters IRS are scary to business owners! Well maybe not scary, but everyone knows that the Internal Revenue Service’s job is to look at and review tax records of individuals and businesses alike. That is why having accurate attendance records are so important. For business owners, even employees themselves can dispute payment, causing headaches and frustration. MinuteHound solves this problem and provides protection against lawsuits through biometric technology. Attendance records are so important, and not the ones thrown into a box or shoved in a corner somewhere. With MinuteHound, everything is digital, meaning at any point and time, managers can log-in and retrieve attendance records for any time period within the last 7 years!

Here is how MinuteHound works: employees arrive and leave work all by a fingerprint scan. Instead of having staff sign-in with a pen and paper, or a pin and password, all they have to do is press their finger or thumb to a scanner. MinuteHound’s process has employees verify their attendance first prior to recording any time. If employees want to be paid, then they have to show up on time and be physically present. This is how and why all attendance records are so accurate. All time is 100% guaranteed to be true, as employees cannot share fingerprints. Payroll becomes a breeze, let alone keeping attendance records for any further review if needed.

Attendance Records Completely Web Based

After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the fingerprint scanner is shipped and arrives at your door normally within 3 days. Once received, plug it in and get scanning! In under 10 minutes, employees will start scanning to record their time. Now, when they or if management want to view these attendance records all that needs to be done is to log-in and view them! Employees have the lowest level of access, so they can view and view only. Managers however have higher access and can view and edit all attendance records from any place, at any time. The attendance records are completely web based, which means that from any web browser reporting can be done.

Access Attendance Records From Any Web BrowserNot only are attendance records web based, but they can be downloaded into ASCII, Excel, and PDF at any time. This makes for easy transition into accounting programs and payroll systems. Automatically, by using biometric attendance records companies save 2% – 8% off their payroll costs. Save time and money all while using a higher efficient management system. Every company, big or small needs an accurate form of time and attendance. Now, MinuteHound’s true biometric solution provides many tools and features to get the job done, while attendance records keep employers clicks away from vital information at all times.

Employee Attendance Records- Cloud Computing Technology

Since attendance records are web based, they are always free from harm and damage. Even if the computer or scanner was lost, damaged, or stolen, all information would remain secure. Attendance records are kept securely in the cloud, which means they are safe and private. Even the fingerprint itself is never recorded. MinuteHound is advanced technology using the latest techniques in order to benefit all users. The time is now to upgrade a workplace and start saving money in many areas. Throw away those old filing cabinets and clear room, as now all attendance records are digital!

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