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An Electronic Time Clock Is Your Employee Time Clock

Technology by now should have a common place in your day-to-day operations as a business owner. An electronic time clock not only should, but needs to be part of your strategy for managing employees and your overall business strategy. An electronic time clock guarantees you accuracy in employee activity. Accuracy, means no more overpaying. No more payroll abuse. No common mistakes and without a doubt no more time theft. An electronic time clock is so cost effective it pays for itself. MinuteHound has built such an incredible system that your business will see results in the first month. You not only get a biometric electronic time clock, you get the full package of tools, support and staff to ensure your success.

The electronic time clock is more like a fingerprint time clock. Your employees arrive or leave work by swiping their finger. It is fast, safe, and precise. Fingerprints cannot be shared. ID and passwords, pin numbers, time cards and other forms of time and attendance can be passed around. Now, an electronic time clock ensures employers that this practice will never happen. No cheating allowed. Your business now has a foolproof system in place that works 24/7 in your best interests. An electronic time clock is your most trusted and dependable manager!

MinuteHound’s Electronic Time Clock Features An Alert System

Believe it or not, employees typically play when the boss is away. Did you know, that the more senior your employee, the more entitled they feel to steal time? This is a fact. Now with MinuteHound’s electronic time clock, your never away from your office. The MinuteHound system has an alert system built in. This means that if your employee ever clocks in late or leaves early, you will be notified instantly. Via text message and emails, you will know exactly what is going on in your office, even when your not there.

Electronic Time Recorder With Cloud Technology Alert SystemIn addition to being notified, the electronic time clock captures all information live. Therefore you not only are alerted but you can act right away. From any internet enabled device like your iPhone or Droid, you have access. You can view start and end times, department, location, etc. The electronic time clock also watches for overtime. You will never be caught off guard. The tools included with MinuteHound’s electronic time clock help and assist owners and managers every single day. You have so many areas to focus on, let technology help you save time and money.

MinuteHound’s Electronic Time Clock Is Safe, Secure, and Smart!

Unlike any other electronic time clock on the market, MinuteHound never stores images. There is no way information can ever be compromised or stolen. Instead of an image, MinuteHound’s electronic time clock converts all fingerprints into a number. This information is stored on offsite secure cloud servers. Peace of mind is another guarantee you get with MinuteHound. Users of the electronic time clock on all levels always know identify theft is impossible.

The features of the electronic time clock mentioned above speak for themselves. However if any of this sounds complicated at all, have no worries. The technology might be advanced, however it is very easy to use and setup. The average user takes about 9 minutes to install the electronic time clock. If you need help at all, you only need to call. Round the clock customer service and support are always available to you. Never feel alone, assistance is always provided to you. The electronic time clock requires no training. No learning curve to master and no contracts to sign. It never collects dust, and the electronic time clock never expires. No other machine even comes close. Upgrade to MinuteHound. Upgrade your business.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Electronic Time Clock: Accuracy, Reliability, and Secure Cloud Storage Guarantee’s you Savings!

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