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Accurate and Precise Attendance Tracking Software

“The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: I did not have time.”Franklin Field
As an adult, let alone a business owner, time is always short. It is the one element you never have enough of. Whether you manage a small or large business, employees need to get paid. Having accurate attendance tracking software is so very important. The reason why is accountability and ease of use. Time cards and punch clocks are outdated. ID and passwords can be shared. Attendance tracking software is your foolproof system which employees can never cheat, which also means honest mistakes are gone. MinuteHound has helped many companies reach their goals of reducing cost, increasing their profit all by developing a true everyday business solution. This solution is attendance tracking software, which is completely web based. This allows for anytime anywhere access, live reporting, and guaranteed accuracy. Electronic record keeping guarantees accuracy on all levels.

Many businesses are turning to attendance tracking software like MinuteHound for help. With attendance tracking software, issues of abuse and time spent processing payroll are greatly reduced. When it’s time to process payroll, since there are no time cards to reconcile and calculate, hours of tedious accounting labor can be saved every pay period! We all know time is money. Now, you can have and use both to your advantage. Attendance tracking software is not only accurate, but inexpensive. The technology is advanced, however so simple and easy to use. Best of all, it pays for itself.

This attendance tracking software uses biometrics, which completely eliminates the need to physically punch in and punch out. Biometric technology eliminates time theft and human error. By using fingerprints to record employee activity, you are assured in the most accurate reports you have ever seen. The process is simple. You setup an account with MinuteHound, and a scanner is mailed to you. Free shipping included. All you have to do is plug the scanner in, and the attendance tracking software is downloaded. Employees are registered. From now on, your employees place a finger onto the fingerprint time clock. Now, your employee is automatically clocked in and out. Painless and foolproof.

This information is recorded and stored down to the second. The attendance tracking software runs on any computer you currently use. It runs in the background, no additional equipment is required. No inventory to keep track of. In addition the scanner is the size of a coffee mug. You save space as well. The attendance tracking software paperless, which means no more supplies. Records are also stored offsite in the cloud. No more boxes or file cabinets to keep track of or dig through.

Attendance Tracking Software Is your Virtual Office

Attendance Tracking Software Makes Your Office VirtualThe best way to think of attendance tracking software, is that of web based attendance. All the time clock information is stored in the cloud, which means it can be accessed by any device that is connected to the Internet. For example, if your business is in California and you’re on a business trip to China, all you need to do is log into MinuteHound’s secure web portal. From there, you can see, in real time, who has or hasn’t clocked in that day. You can view department, start and end times, and more. Attendance tracking software makes your office virtual. From the golf course or from home you can view reports.

MinuteHound attendance tracking software eliminates the need for payroll review. This additional labor cost will be virtually eliminated because reports are generated automatically. This helps to lessen the time it takes to process payroll and helps to eliminate payroll abuse. The attendance tracking software also will alert you of overtime. If an employee ever clocks in tardy, leaves early, or not at all; you will be notified instantly. Electronic record keeping has never been so easy!

Attendance Tracking Software is Easy to Setup Up And Use

Backed By A 100% Lifetime Money Back GuaranteeAttendance tracking software is extremely simple to use. No training required. No learning curve to overcome. The entire system is plug and play. However if you do ever need help, all you need to do is call. Qualified staff are standing by in order to ensure your success. If you’re looking to save money, streamline your payroll processing and eliminate time card and payroll abuse; then MinuteHound attendance tracking software is your best option. No other machine even comes close.

So how is attendance tracking software different? Attendance tracking software is not a product to collect dust. A small monthly fee includes lifetime updates. It never expires. Let MinuteHound worry about keeping the technology advanced, you worry about your business. There are never any contracts to sign. No warranties to purchase. No fine print to read. Just a solid, flawless system to give you an advantage. That advantage is time and money. No gimmicks or selling points. If your looking for a change for your office, look no further. Attendance tracking software is the spark your looking for.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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