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Why and How Attendance and Payroll Effect Company Morale and Profit

Labor and management have a vested interest in working well together in any company because internal strife only begets trouble, and that can affect everything from company morale to the bottom line itself. One of the biggest issues between the two sides is trust and communication. On one hand, disillusioned employees might leave early or arrive late and have a friend clock them in and out. On the other hand, management might short employees’ paychecks, either accidentally or purposefully. Neither case is any good for the company.

MinuteHound has an answer that can lay the foundation of trust within any company. MinuteHound is an employee attendance management system that uses employees’ fingerprints to keep track of which employees are on the clock and which are not. The cost-effective equipment of the employee attendance management system simply plugs into any computer with an internet connection, and you are off and running. The system is totally secure because it takes each fingerprint, converts it to a binary string of 1s and 0s, splits the string into four, 128-bit encrypted parts, and sends each part to a different server. Neither the computer to which the device is connected nor the device itself ever stores any of the fingerprint information, so no one can pilfer such information for nefarious purposes.

Employee Attendance Management System Guarantees Accuracy

Labor and management alike can sign in and out of work using the employee attendance management system. Even though salaried employees are not paid by the hour, they should hold themselves just as accountable as the hourly workers. Transparency builds trust and improves working relationships. The employee attendance management system is also compatible with many payroll software programs, and its data is easily exportable. No one will be shorted on a paycheck because there is a foolproof system that keeps everyone honest, even the managers.

Everyone Wins With MinuteHound!Managers also have the advantage of logging into MinuteHound from anywhere in order to keep track of employees for whom they are responsible. The employee attendance management system will send notifications to managers if employees are late or leave early and also lets higher-ranking managers keep track of lower-ranking managers. Everyone wins with MinuteHound’s employee attendance management system.

Smart and Common Sense: Employee Attendance Management System

In addition to being extremely cost-effective to get off the ground, MinuteHound’s employee attendance management system saves money every month by reducing paper costs. It also reduces costs by making it easier to track down errors and adjudicate timecard complaints that it is with paper. The employee attendance management system just makes good business sense. Contact us today and begin saving money while improving the work environment.

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