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The Biometrics Attendance System from MinuteHound is an All-in-One Solution

There are many expenses that go into owning and operating your own business. One of the biggest problem areas for most businesses are time clock errors, either caused intentionally by dishonest employees or by accident because of a time clock malfunction. Biometrics attendance is going to change all of that and MinuteHound is leading the way. MinuteHound is a revolutionary biometric time and attendance solution that is saving companies money around the world.

Biometrics attendance makes problems such as unapproved overtime, time clock manipulation, buddy punching and time card errors a thing of the past. How it works is very simple. Your employees will clock in and out of their shifts by placing their finger on a scanner provided by MinuteHound. Through a patented biometrics attendance process, the fingerprint of your employee is instantly converted into a 128-bit number. This number is then encrypted and fragmented into four servers that are completely secure. These servers are located on four different continents, ensuring the security of your biometrics attendance data.

24/7 Access with Biometrics AttendanceAmerican businesses lose roughly $148 billion every year because of time and attendance accounting that is inadequate. The technology of MinuteHound makes buddy punching absolutely impossible. The same thing goes for extra hours being reported on time cards. This is a form of theft that cripples many businesses. However, MinuteHound enables you to be sure that only the person who physically punches in is getting paid.

Real Time Access From Anywhere, Only with Biometrics Attendance Technololgy

One of the key advantages of the biometrics attendance technology provided by MinuteHound is the ability of business owners and managers to log in from anywhere on the planet to see real time information about who is on the clock. You can then adjust your staffing needs accordingly. However, that is just the beginning. Payroll processing time is reduced by the time and attendance reports that are automatically generated by MinuteHound. You will even get emails and/or text messages when an employee is late or leaves before the end of their scheduled shift. This is truly biometrics attendance at its best.

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