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How Biometric Time & Attendance Assists With New Laws

Obama Care is slowly but surely being rolled out, and will effect every tax paying American. More importantly, small business owners on up will be greatly affected. Everyone who even slightly pays attention to the news has already heard horror stories how ObamaCare will affect job growth and taxes. Now, MinuteHound is in the same boat, and trying to help out. MinuteHound has been providing biometric time & attendance services to small, medium, and large size operations for many years. Now more than ever biometric time & attendance is needed, due to the fact that employee hours and staffing affect operations on a wide scale.

Biometric time & attendance keeps an accurate count of all employees and their work hours. Right now, most employers use inaccurate methods to record worker time by having them sign a sheet of paper or logging in with a pin and password. These systems are based off an honor system, just hoping employees stay honest and don’t forget to clock-in and out. With MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance, employees don’t get the chance to forget or cover for friends. Biometric time & attendance means employees have to scan their finger or thumb before recording time. Fingerprints cannot be shared, and each employee has to be physically present in order to punch in and out.

Obama Care and Biometric Time & Attendance

So what is Obama Care? Well, depending if you are an individual, family member, business owner, etc Obama Care holds different implications. The size of a business matters most, and if that business provides coverage. Obama Care is so confusing, that the current administration is reportedly creating thousands of federal jobs across the nation, just to inform people of what Obama Care is and how to use it! Now is the time to get ready, and upgrade every workplace to biometric time & attendance.

Obama Care- Get PreparedEmployee records will be vital come tax season. With biometric time & attendance, all records are kept digitally in secure cloud storage for 7 years. Managers and owners can log-in and view records, download them, and never have to worry about fumbling through old boxes or filing cabinets. Plus, since biometric time & attendance requires employees to physically clock-in and out with their very own fingerprint, times are authentic without chance of dispute.

Cost Savings with Biometric Time & Attendance

Not only will biometric time & attendance assist with the new Obama Care, but it will also reduce costs and increase savings, starting from day one. After an account is created, the fingerprint scanner is mailed out. Once received, simply plug it in and download the software. In less than 10 minutes, the easy installation is complete. Employees will start to use their finger or thumb to record their time from now on. Make life easier with MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance system!

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