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Staff Time and Attendance- Attendance Punching Machine

The attendance punching machine is a state of the art time clock that records employee time and attendance in real time. They record their time by simply swiping their finger or thumb on the fingerprint device. This simple process is all it takes to completely change the way you run your business. Employees can no longer cheat the system, cover for friends, or fudge numbers. Buddy punching and stealing time are over. The attendance punching machine requires no paper products, pens, time sheets, cards, pins or passwords. It is 100% green and accurate.

The reason why the attendance punching machine is so effective is because of how advanced and simple it is. It doesn’t require hours of training or reading manuals. The entire installation process is 4 steps, which includes clicking on a link! No technical expertise is required. The attendance punching machine literally gets plugged into any computer, the software downloaded, and employees registered. Fast, simple, and proven to work. Employees are kept honest 24/7 without having to be supervised or told to do the right thing. With MinuteHound, there is no way to cheat the system. The attendance punching machine is the solution to save more money while boosting productivity.

The Attendance Punching That Pays for Itself

Save Time and Money With BiometricsDid you know the average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hour shift? Extended lunches, early exists, and late clock-ins allow for employees to steal time and pad their checks. This is why companies use the attendance punching machine. From day one, it will immediately and flawlessly eliminate cheating. The attendance punching machine puts money where it belongs, back to employers instead of inflated employee checks. The only possible way an employee can record their time is if they are present to do so.

Some other great features that MinuteHound has to offer include live reporting and instant 24/7 access. Managers can log-in from anywhere and download reports for payroll and edit them right there in the browser. In addition to that, managers can setup text and email alerts that will notify personnel if employees don’t show up to work, clock-in late, or try to leave early. The attendance punching machine is small, lightweight, and very durable. It is the size of a computer mouse and will never break. If by some miracle something does happen to it, MinuteHound offers a lifetime money back guarantee on every scanner purchased. Rest assures, the attendance punching machine is built to last and designed to save you money!

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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