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Advancement of Fingerprint Time Clock Software from MinuteHound

MinuteHound offers a unique, technologically-advanced time and attendance system that all companies are able to benefit from. Using their unique fingerprint, employees are able to clock in and clock out of the system, eliminating potential time theft from the workplace. This not only saves businesses money on their payroll, but ensures that managers are always aware of when their employees are late for work or are leaving early. With the use of biometric fingerprint technology, employees are no longer able to have friends clock in or out for them when companies choose to use this efficient and effective fingerprint time clock.

Attendance Software Benefits
MinuteHound stands apart from other time and attendance software not only for its use of fingerprint technology, but for the many additional benefits that it offers. Because this fingerprint time clock software is cloud-based, managers and owners are able to access live reporting of their clock-in system from anywhere in the world that they have an internet connection. Whether you are traveling on business or are away with the family, you are always able to stay up-to-date with what’s going on within the company and who is showing up to work on their correct schedules. This advanced fingerprint time clock software can also be set to alert you with a text message and/or email when an employee is late to work or clocks out early from their assigned shift. This ensures that you are not paying them when they are not actually working.

Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsAnother excellent benefit to the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock software is that there is absolutely no training or guidance needed in order to use it effectively and correctly. With the ability to simply plug and play, you are able to have your fingerprint time clock software up and running in just minutes. Round the clock support is also available for all MinuteHound customers in the event that you experience issues with your fingerprint time clock. With no cards and absolutely no inventory to keep, this electronic, internet based fingerprint time clock software only costs pennies per day compared to other clock-in systems which can be quite costly in the long run.

Taking Control of Your Company
MinuteHound gives you the ability to take control of your company so that you are always aware of what is going on within the company, exactly when it is happening. Managers are able to stay informed within their company in order to make difficult decisions and changes with issues that may be contributing to inefficiencies within the business. This fingerprint time clock system with adequately help you to make staffing changes in order to save money daily and help to run your company more efficiently on an everyday basis.

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