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Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to make more money. They are also on the lookout for ways to save more money. Employee timecard errors cost businesses money by:

  • Requiring other employees to check and re-check incorrect timecards
  • Paying employees for time not worked
  • Paying other employees to handle complaints from workers who were shorted hours
  • MinuteHound employee scheduling software seeks to eliminate all of that by providing an encrypted system that scans a fingerprint from every employee. Then, to clock in and out, employees use a fingerprint scanner that is wired into employee scheduling software. This quick verification process guarantees accuracy. No more cheating, no more errors, and no more losing money.

    Fingerprint technology is actually very safe and the preferred method for an organizations time and attendance needs. MinuteHound’s employee scheduling software is ultra-secure because it does not store scanned fingerprints. It uses 128-bit encryption. It even fragments the transmitted fingerprint information into four parts and sends them to multiple servers. Employees need not worry that their fingerprints will wind up elsewhere. Information is never at risk.

    Employee Scheduling Software Assists with Management and Payroll

    It is not a hard as it looks. MinuteHound employee scheduling software is easily exportable to any one of a number of accounting programs used by large companies. MinuteHound’s data will provide immaculate and detailed time and attendance reports. All anyone has to do is send it off to payroll for processing. Accurate and simple. No one has to sit around with a calculator for hours on end, because this employee scheduling software does it.

    Employee Scheduling Software w/ AlertsEmployee scheduling software is easy to use because it is plug-and-play. There are no gigantic manuals to read or extensive procedures to memorize. MinuteHound also operates in the cloud. This means that managers can access its information from any computer with an internet connection. The program will also send emails to managers if employees clock in late or clock out early. Employee scheduling software will also keep track of employees working overtime, on vacation, sick days, etc. The American Payroll Association states that businesses lose $148 billion annually because of inefficient time accounting.

    Aside from Saving Money, How Else Will Employee Scheduling Software Help?

    Employee scheduling software makes sure the right person gets paid the right amount. Best of all, even managers are accountable. Crystal-clear log in and log out times mean there is always complete transparency. The employee scheduling software actually improves morale by holding everyone accountable. No one is above the rules, the company does not get cheated, and employees are never short hours. Everybody wins. Technical support is always available to ensure success.

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