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MinuteHound Time Attendance: Save Time, Save Money

MinuteHound’s time attendance system is easy to use, helps save on payroll expenses, eliminates buddy punching and sends notifications in case of tardiness. Samson was a happy man. The time attendance software he had introduced a year ago had saved the company 5 percent on payroll expenses. He had a wide grin on his face as he strutted into the meeting, with fellow managers patting him on the back. His dream of being the manager of the year was coming true. You can be the one in Samson’s shoes a few months from now, if you use the MinuteHound Time Attendance System.

How Does the Time Attendance System Work?
The system allows employees to clock in and out using their finger. This method is secure and fast, and provides fast identification of the employee. The system then stores the attendance data in a cloud-based storage. This gives you as the manager access to the data 24/7. Keep in mind, fingerprints are never stored. Only an algorithim that matches the print to the employee. 100% safe and secure.

MinuteHound Time Attendance System Eliminates Buddy Punching
There are friendships that blossom at the workplace that are so strong that one worker can punch in for another colleague who is absent. MinuteHound eliminates this time-stealing approach completely. Additionally, the system only shows the employee who is available in real-time.

Did you forget to Login into the Time attendance System?
Manual timesheets and time cards have a lot of errors. In case an employee is late or absent, there is no way to communicate or even realize. This changes with MinuteHound. If an employee is late or has forgotten to login, the system sends a text message to the manager informing him of this issue. Additionally, the system can send a notification to the employee to remind him to clock in.

Time Attendance System allows you to Monitor Employees Remotely
With cloud-based support, you as the manager have access to employee attendance data from anywhere. This is true as long as you have access to the internet. Additionally, the system provides data analysis capabilities, which allows you to predict the availability of staff for upcoming projects.

Enjoy Data Exporting Capabilities
Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingAttendance data is vital for various departments in the company. For instance, the accounting department needs this data to calculate overtime and basic working hours. MinuteHound comes with data export capabilities that allows you to channel information to relevant departments for analysis.

Improve Your Productivity
In conclusion, the MinuteHound time attendance system helps improve the productivity of departments, which contributes to overall business performance. You can install the system in a matter of minutes and you will be on your way to a successful year. In fact, you can bypass Samson’s cost saving record and become the manager of the year in your company.

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MinuteHound Time Attendance System.

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