Biometric Time and Attendance System Software

How Your Business Can Save a Bundle With Biometric Time and Attendance System Software

Why does your business need biometric time and attendance system software? Payroll is a critical expense for businesses. It’s also an area that’s prone to fraud and abuse, costing thousands of dollars every year. Punch time clocks and paper based attendance systems are inefficient, wasting hours of your staff’s time and making theft easy.

Handwritten time sheets are often illegible or incomplete, requiring your bookkeeper to verify hours with the manager in each department. Worse yet, employees can pad their work hours when they are responsible for making out their time sheets. Then, once the data is collected, the bookkeeper spends hours manually entering data into your payroll software.

Biometric time and attendance system software to the rescue!
MinuteHound, a pioneer in the biometric time and attendance system software field, has a patented process that allows employees to sign in and out of their shift by simply swiping their finger on a small device attached to an existing computer in your business. When the system recognizes an employee’s fingerprint, it sends the data to a secure server in the cloud. Managers can view attendance records at any time, and MinuteHound can notify managers if there are too few or too many employees signed in during a shift.

According to the American Payroll Association (APA), MinuteHound reduces the average business’s payroll cost by 2 to 8%. One way it does this is by preventing buddy punching.

Stop buddy punching with biometric time and attendance system software
Buddy punching? No, that’s not when buddies take a swing at each other. Buddy punching is when one employee signs in for another, usually to cover an absence or arriving late for a shift. Say Jake is running half an hour late for his shift. He calls mark and asks him to go ahead and punch him in on the time clock. Jake gets paid as if he weren’t late, and his boss has no record of his late arrival. Over time, buddy punching can cost a business both by paying employees who weren’t actually at work and by not having the staff they expect to be available at a given time for a project.

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineBiometric time and attendance system software stops buddy punching cold. By requiring an employee’s fingerprint, it makes buddy punching impossible. Biometric time and attendance system software prevents other types of theft. Some employees try to pad their paycheck by staying signed in while taking a break or lunch hour. Others claim to work late on a project, getting paid for overtime they didn’t earn. Biometric time and attendance system software eliminates these types of theft.

Are you ready for your employees to give you their finger?Are you ready to slash your payroll costs while keeping your awesome employees? It’s time to learn about what MinuteHound can do for your business.

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