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The Employee Time Clock That Works Every Time

The problem with most time and attendance systems is that it completely relies on employee perfection. If any employee makes a mistake or tries to cheat, time sheets or pins/passwords allow that to happen. That is why MinuteHound engineered the employee time clock, in order to stop all forms of cheating and prevent mistakes. Small errors and dishonest employees can cost business owners a great deal of money. However, even though payroll fraud and buddy punching plague every business, it is the easiest problem to fix. The employee time clock from MinuteHound is cost effective, features the latest technology, and best of all easy to use.

In addition to being easy to use, the employee time clock keeps employees honest at all times, even without supervision. The way this is possible is through a technology called biometric recognition. All staff members will be required to place their finger or thumb in the employee time clock to verify their attendance prior to recording their time. This small step pays off huge, as friends can no longer cover for each other and numbers cannot be changed. The employee time clock from day one will provide the most accurate time and attendance records you have seen!

Additional Benefits of The Employee Time Clock

The employee time clock and MinuteHound software are a perfect combination to all organizations. The employee time clock is the actual device which every staff member uses to verify attendance and record their time. MinuteHound is cloud based software, which means nothing is ever recorded on the computer. All information is universally located from the internet. This from any location on earth, the information can be accessed. The employee time clock uses 128-bit encryption, so information is accessible, but never at risk.

Employee Time Clock Is Plug and PlaySecure, safe, and easy to use technology makes everyone’s life easier. MinuteHound is also green, meaning no more paper products are required. The entire system will turn your office digital, and if employees want to view their time history, then they can log in and do so. Employees have basic access, while managers have higher access. There is 5 different permission levels in MinuteHound to keep everyone at bay with the appropriate level of access. The employee time clock will help save a company money in various ways.

MinuteHound Software and The Employee Time Clock Package

MinuteHound is a complete and full time and attendance solution. The employee time clock costs $99.95 and offers a lifetime money back guarantee. One the employee time clock is purchased, the account is created and every 30 days companies pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. These monthly fees include every feature of MinuteHound to include 24/7 reporting, alerts, real-time status, technical support, and much more. Business owners only need pay for what they need, and start saving from the moment they make the switch. Try it out today!

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MinuteHound Employee Time Clock.

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