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Time Clock Biometric – Save Money. Increase Efficiency

The biometric time clock from MinuteHound eliminates time card fraud and saves up to 8 percent on payroll costs. The system streamlines the payroll process while eliminating any potential time card fraud. Instead of punching a time card, workers simply scan their fingerprints for real time readouts, and all digital information is compiled in real time for quicker payroll processing.

Time Clock Biometric Reader Improves Business Profits
Labor costs are among the top expenses for any company and often times comes in second only to advertising costs when dealing with business overhead. Unfortunately, dishonest employees are constant sources of loss, whether it is from outright theft of goods and services or committing time card fraud. But MinuteHound’s new time clock biometric reader makes it impossible for one worker to clock in others. MinuteHound also improves worker productivity and attendance. When workers know they are on a tight time schedule and the time clock biometric system will keep outstanding track of their comings and goings as well as the length of their paid breaks and lunch breaks, they tend to waste less time and do more work. That means more meaningful work hours put in and more production and greater profitability for job providers.

Payroll Savings Made Easy With Time Clock Biometric
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemWhile the new time clock biometric systems from MinuteHound eliminates potential time card fraud, it also makes it much easier to process payrolls. Business owners can get up-to-the-minute labor count at any time and better assess profitability. At any given moment, managers and supervisors can tell exactly how many hours and minutes and employee has worked during the day, week or pay period as well as monthly and annual hourly totals and earnings for each worker. Businesses can save between 2 percent and 8 percent on their annual payroll costs when they use the time clock biometric system from MinuteHound.

Cloud-Based Time Clock Biometric Reporting
MinuteHound’s time clock biometric system is the only one available in which all information instantly is streamed via wireless cloud technology and compiled for managerial use. That means significant savings when it comes to producing payroll reports and keeping track of individual worker hours and labor costs. Instead of having a high-priced accountant or payroll service to compile and produce payrolls every pay period, the time clock biometric system does so automatically, making it much more affordable, easier and faster to do payroll reports and eliminate potential accounting errors. The new MinuteHound biometric time clock more than pays for itself over time by reducing labor and payroll costs, eliminating time card fraud and helping to make workers more productive.

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