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Why Every Business Needs An Employee Time Clock System

Biometric attendance is the only surefire way to stop time theft, payroll fraud, and buddy punching. All other methods simply don’t account for human error and employee dishonesty. Friends cover for each other at work, and people make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are honest and other times they are intentional. Either way, by having an employee time clock system from MinuteHound will stop these bad habits and fix errors. Biometric attendance means before any employee tries to record their time worked, they have to verify their attendance. By placing a finger or thumb on MinuteHound’s scanner, attendance is verified. Time is recorded live with precision. The employee time clock system is flawless and foolproof.

The employee time clock system is a proven to work solution. No band-aids included, just the cure! By using a state of the art biometric time clock, combined with time clock software and modern technology, MinuteHound is the preferred choice. On top of the high performance, the cost and efficiency of using an employee time clock system is bar-none to all other options. MinuteHound offers online staffing solutions along with the time clock and software.

Employee Time Clock System- Benefits and Features

Through the use of text and e-mail alerts, managers always know if something went wrong back at the office. No more worrying if someone showed to work or left early. The employee time clock system will notify designated parties if someone is tardy, leaves early, or doesn’t clock-in at all. This also prevents human error, for if someone honestly forgets to clock-in an alert is sent. The employee time clock system is like having an HR manager on standby for every shift!

Online Employee Time Clock System- Staffing SolutionsAnother great feature to the employee time clock system is having all the reports online. Offices are now virtual as managers and employees alike can log-in check times. Employees can view only, while managers can edit. Different settings for each employee allow for flexibility. The employee time clock system is also very easy to install and setup. No learning curves or training required.

Employee Time Clock System- Price and Costs

If you’re thinking the employee time clock system is too good to be true it only gets better! From small businesses to large organizations MinuteHound costs the same. The fingerprint scanner itself is $99.95. This is a flat rate and covered for life. Pay once, and never again. Then, it’s $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it! Every feature and benefit of MinuteHound for one low monthly fee.

The employee time clock system comes with live friendly technical support. If any problems occur, help is a phone call and/or e-mail away. Put this system to work for you and realize how easy it is to manage and save!

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