Employee Time Clocks- Stop Searching And Choose Biometrics

Employee Time Clocks- The Differences and Similarities

Every company, no matter which industry they are in, has to have time and attendance. Employees need a way to record their time and get paid. All organizations big and small need an accurate way to do this, hence so many employee time clocks to choose from. There are card machines, punch machines, pin numbers to be entered, and everything in between. The costs of these employee time clocks also vary from small to insane depending on which company you look at, and which features it is equipped with.

Many employee time clocks also require different installation requirements. Some mount to walls and some are heavy. Depending on your technical level, it could be a small job to purchase and install one. MinuteHound is different in that it doesn’t sell employee time clocks, but instead sell a time and attendance solution. The time clock itself is small and plugs in easily to any computer. No complicated install, and no IT skills required. MinuteHound only sells the one time clock, which includes tons of features and also costs much less than any of the employee time clocks found online or in stores.

Employee Time Clocks Vs. MinuteHound

Many of the employee time clocks found online are a one time purchase with little to no support. Some companies offer a limited warranty or support, but at the end of the day which business owner has time for that? MinuteHound makes everything simple. There is no need to shop the vast array of employee time clocks when MinuteHound is the most affordable and sophisticated time and attendance on the market.

MinuteHound Provides Live Technical SupportMinuteHound not only beats out other employee time clocks with low-cost and great technology, but also support. Live, USA based friendly technical support is available around the clock. If there is ever a problem with the scanner, software, or just have general questions, pick up a phone or shoot over an email. IT Professionals at MinuteHound are always available to answer your questions. Other employee time clocks cost more for less.

MinuteHound Costs Vs. Employee Time Clock Prices

MinuteHound’s biometric scanner costs $99.95, which includes all taxes and shipping. Compare that to any other machine and you will be astounded at the difference! Now, what truly separates MinuteHound from other employee time clocks is the software, which is cloud based and offers a ton of features. At only $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, every budget can afford MinuteHound. Forget the other employee time clocks and choose the smartest option out there: MinuteHound!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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Cloud Based Small Business SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Vs. Other Employee Time Clocks.

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