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PC Time Clock Makes Time and Attendance Easy

Owning/operating/managing a business of any size is difficult in its own right. Keeping an accurate account of all employee movement can prove to be an additional task that can cause great frustration. If all employees have to do is sign a piece of paper or swipe a card, then how does anyone know if that time is accurate? Buddy punching and cheating plague every organization, and even though this problem is widespread, it is very easy to fix. Introducing the PC time clock, where biometrics guarantee honesty and accuracy with time and attendance.

By having a PC time clock, managers don’t need to be present to keep employees honest. The PC time clock uses a technology called biometrics, which means employees arrive and leave work with a fingerprint scan. They simply place their finger or thumb on a small device, which first verifies their attendance, and then records the time. This process eliminates all forms of cheating and mistakes. Employees have to be physically present at the right time to be paid. If they don’t show up, forget to clock-in, or try to leave early, the PC time clock will send out alerts letting management know right away.

Turn Any Computer Into A Biometric PC Time Clock

The way MinuteHound works is very simple: purchase the actual fingerprint scanner for $99.95, which includes a lifetime money back guarantee. Once the scanner is purchased it ships and arrives at your door within 3-5 business days. All one has to do once receiving the scanner is plug it into a computer. This, in its basic form, is the PC time clock. Once the scanner is connected it takes about 5 minutes for installation. The PC time clock setup is step-by-step and does not require any IT skills. Its fast, easy, and user-friendly.

PC Time Clock is Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyOnce the scanner is connected, employees need to be initially enrolled and that’s it. From that point on, the PC time clock is setup and ready for use. Each and every day, employees have to scan their finger in order to have their time recorded. MinuteHound’s software is cloud based, which means that nothing is ever stored locally. All information is recorded and then broke down using 128-bit encryption. Information is never at risk, and fingerprints are never on file, ever.

The PC Time Clock Advantages

Not only does the PC time clock guarantee accuracy, but it also makes a workplace green. Everything is digital with MinuteHound, so employees can always log-in to the system, from anywhere and view their own hours. Management can log-in and edit hours from anywhere. The PC time clock from MinuteHound is the best kept secret in business. Payroll costs go down by up to 8%, and all employees know from the first day that they can no longer cheat the system. Welcome to to future of time and attendance. Welcome to MinuteHound!

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Biometric Time & AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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