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The Alternative to the Traditional Time Clock is Finally Here!

With traditional time clocks, employee time tracking was a painstaking process. Payroll departments spent hours going through employee time cards. Not all time cards were completely accurate, so they also had to report any inconsistencies they found. Then you had technical problems with the time clocks themselves. The time clocks were prone to breakdown or sometimes wouldn’t stamp your time cards clearly. However, time theft was the biggest problem. It is estimated by the American Payroll Association that time theft has cost businesses well over $120 billion a year.

What Is Time Theft?

Time theft is the act of stealing time from an employer. Basically, any time you spend on tasks other than the tasks associated with your job, arriving late or taking days off without letting your boss know, you are committing time theft. Buddy punching is another form of time theft. Then there’s time card fraud, when an employee knowingly misreports how much time they spent on the job.

Time Theft is Difficult to Detect

However, time theft is difficult to detect. Your management staff doesn’t have the time (or the patience most likely) to stand around monitoring hundreds or even thousands of employees every hour of every day. However, MinuteHound has developed a new employee time tracking system that is designed to put a stop to time theft before it even becomes a problem.

MinuteHound Uses Advanced Fingerprint Scanning to Identify Employees

Though fingerprint scanning is not a new concept, it is the most effective means of positive identification. MinuteHound has taken the technology one step further, and introduced fingerprint scanning as a means to cut time spent on payroll processing and cut overall payroll costs for businesses. The MinuteHound employee time tracking system uses a small USB device to scan fingerprints. The employee time tracking system is capable of producing a high-resolution image of the employee’s fingerprint. The image is then converted into binary code, then encrypted and sent via Internet to a secured cloud server. The system will then create a detailed time and attendance report for each employee. Business managers can then provide controlled access to payroll employees by providing them with a username and password. Those with access will then be able to access the data from anywhere in the world via their work computer, laptop or other wireless device. Employee time tracking has never been easier!

MinuteHound also offers a free trial of the employee time tracking system to clients with no credit card required. The free trial allows you to evaluate the employee time tracking software and fingerprint scanner for 21 days. This will give you an opportunity to try the employee time tracking system for yourself with no restrictions. To sign up for the free trial, go to the free trial sign-up page, and fill out the simple form.

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