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For almost every business, employee time tracking is a major concern. From preventing fraud to ensuring you have all the documentation you need legally to track hours, an employee time clock is a necessity. While there are many models and styles of time clock on the market, the most exciting are easy to use and directly connect to your computer. MinuteHound employee time clock software uses biometric fingerprint technology to track employee time. Every clock in and out is recorded using a personally-identifiable fingerprint. This means that your employee time clock is completely secure and traceable. You’ll be able to eliminate problems with time theft, time card fraud or buddy punching. The simple fingerprint system enables all of your employees to clock in, in mere seconds. At the same time, it ensures that every time someone clocks in, it is exactly who they claim to be. You’ll ensure the reliability and honesty of your staff and cut costs from fraud and waste.

how the Employee Time Clock Works for Everyone

In addition, this employee time clock also makes things easier for the workers at your business. There’s no need to fuss with paper time cards or find a manager to sign off on time sheets. Your time tracking system will rely on clear, factual data – not human memory or error. With the MinuteHound employee time clock, an employee just puts their finger on the scanner and can get to work in seconds. It’s easy to use and doesn’t waste anyone’s time at the office.

MinuteHound also helps you to make your payroll process streamlined and efficient. You can eliminate file cabinets full of paper time sheets and time cards. Instead, in mere seconds, you can instantly download a full record of all employees’ time. You can cut the time-consuming manual checking out of your payroll process. With this innovative employee time clock, payroll will be a breeze!

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Just as you can download a full record for payroll or taxes at any time, you can also get up-to-the-minute updates. Because the MinuteHound employee time clock system is cloud-based, you can log in from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. Instantly, you can find out what’s going on at the office and make sure that you are fully staffed. You can even receive emails or text messages if an employee leaves early or arrives late. With the MinuteHound employee time clock, you’re never too far from the office.

Not only is the system easy and practical to use, it’s also easy to install. With the MinuteHound employee time clock, it takes only minutes to get started. Just plug in the scanner and you’re ready to go! There’s no need for professional installers or training classes. Any business can get started using MinuteHound today. You don’t need to be an IT expert, and the employee time clock system even offers free, round-the-clock support.

You can get started with MinuteHound today and see how this simple software can improve your business!

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