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Time Tracking Online System and Software

Every size business needs to have an accurate way of recording time worked by employees. Time tracking online from MinuteHound not only provides flawless attendance records, but instant access to reports from anywhere in the world. Cloud computing is the ability to store files in a place where they are always accessible. Time tracking online uses the latest cloud technology to boost the efficiency of users, while providing a secure way to store, edit, and modify reports. In addition to accessibility, all staff members will clock-in and clock-out of work using their fingerprint. Safe, quick, and accurate. Time tracking online solves all time and attendance problems.

The quick and easy setup of time tracking online allows users to focus on management, not installation. In under 10 minutes, MinuteHound will be ready to use. A simple enrollment process for employees completes the entire setup. No IT skills are required. There is no training or learning curves. Employees simply arrive to work, swipe their finger, and off they go. Time tracking online takes all the time recorded by employees and makes it available live.

Time Tracking Online Eliminates Paper Waste

Go green and save money. By using time tracking online, no more paper supplies are required. If your employees would like a print out, just e-mail it to them! Or instead, just have them log-in and view their own hours. Not only will the time tracking online reduce your payroll costs, eliminate buddy punching, and stop time theft, but it will also help you save money on less office supplies. Work smarter not harder with time tracking online.

Time Tracking Online- Manage Multiple LocationsIn addition to being green, time tracking online also makes managing multiple employees and locations much easier. By using text/email alerts, managers can be notified if employees show up late or leave early. Also, if they don’t clock in at all, managers can be notified. Time tracking online will also help managing multiple locations easier, by being able to monitor many locations from a single terminal.

The Price Structure For Time Tracking Online

So many tools for one low price! Time tracking online is very affordable, as companies only have to pay for what they need. The scanner itself is a flat rate of $99.95. Pay this fee once and never again, as each scanner is backed for life. Then, every month you pay $1.00 per month and $5.00 per location. If you have 20 employees and 1 location you pay $24.95 per month. That’s it! So easy to save while upgrading your business. Lifetime updates and round the clock technical support included. No extra charges here! Time tracking online is your first step toward success!

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