Face Capture Time and Attendance Software for Your Business

Time and attendance can be frustrating. After all, you have enough to do without sorting through time records. However, doing the payroll does not have to be such a big project. As tech innovations increase, you can switch up your payroll system. Then, you will have more time to focus on running your business.

Face capture technology can change the world of time records. It is zero-contact and easy to use. If you have an Apple, Android or PC, you can use MinuteHound’s software. Simply have your employees scan in on a camera. Then, let MinuteHound take care of the rest.

So how, exactly, does this work? First, MinuteHound’s face capture software recognizes your employees. It records their arrival and departure from work. It also prevents employees from clocking in for coworkers. Employee data is then encrypted and scattered to multiple locations. The data is untraceable to protect your employees’ privacy. Encryption also prevents employees from altering their records. This protects you from attendance fraud.

MinuteHound’s biometric technology also helps keep employees accountable from home. This is especially useful during COVID-19 quarantine. Employees can download the software onto their phones and clock in from home, just like they would in person. The data is also timestamped, so they can’t make up arrival and leave times. This way, you know your employees are working when they say they are. They cannot take advantage of you while you can’t see them. MinuteHound eliminates attendance fraud that can lose you money!

MinuteHound’s face capture time and attendance systems save you time and money. MinuteHound virtually stores and analyzes all data. This way, you do not have to spend money on timecards and special attendance computers. You also save time on adding up employee hours and calculating payroll. In addition, the no-contact method means less contact with germ-covered surfaces. Therefore, you will not run into as many sickness-related staffing crises.

MinuteHound can help you make your business more profitable and efficient. Facial recognition is a quick, accurate and secure way to log in. As a business owner, you have plenty to think about without payroll. You no longer need to waste time on manual calculations. Your days of overpaying due to attendance fraud are over, too. Don’t let time and attendance take up all your energy. MinuteHound is here to help you make it quick and easy!

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