How To Avoid Time Fraud In Your Business During COVID19

Right now, the world is a bit chaotic to say the least. The business world is being transformed each and every day. While some organizations shut down and close their doors, new businesses and ideas are being brought to life. Most employees are being transitioned to being “At-Home” employees and doing what they can to keep the business moving forward from the comfort of their own homes. When this type of transition happens, how do you know they are up and on the clock when they are supposed to be? MinuteHound has been providing this solution for years. Way before this virus came onto the scene. At-home remote workers can simply login from anywhere and managers can track their activity from anywhere as well. This eliminates time fraud and waste when it comes to time and attendance.

MinuteHound offers biometric time and attendance solutions that 100% eliminate fraud and employee abuse. However, for at-home workers setting up and paying for these options might not be the most cost-effective way to track their individual time, breaks, etc. MinuteHound also offers a web-clock option that allows them to login from any device, enter their credentials, and clock-in! This will instantly stamp their time card so to speak and begin their time. Managers can track this, edit this, change it anyway all from their browser. They can even check their IP address if they want to.

This very low-cost option is preferred by many companies trying to deal with all the other hurdles working from home means. Managers will rejoice at the toolbox of options they have as far as internal management. They can setup text alerts in order to notify employees who don’t clock in or out on time. It is auto-pilot and makes things extremely efficient. Try it out today, for free, and see for yourself how this option works for you.

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