Facial Recognition Time and Attendance: How Does it Work?

What You Need to Know about Facial Recognition and How It Works
Are you looking for a better way of keeping track of your employees’ number of hours at work? It would help if you considered investing in facial recognition technology. With this technology, you will be able to monitor the time your employees in and out of work. This will eradicate time fraud and theft, employees clocking in for their colleagues, and common employee attendance errors.

Why Should You Invest In This Technology?
i. You will be able to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus since the system is touchless. Instead, it only requires capturing your employee’s faces.
ii. It is compatible with standard operating systems such as Android for smartphone users, Windows, and Mac OS.
iii. It is easy to install and use the software. You can install it on your tablet and have it stuck on a wall to clock in your employees.
iv. It will help you control the payroll costs. This because you can track every employee and pay them accordingly. It eliminates paying salaries to people who don’t report to work regularly and on time.
v. You don’t have to pay to see how it works. It comes with a free trial version that you can download and get firsthand experience using it.

How Does It Work?
The productivity of your company is determined by the number of hours your employees spend productively. However, it is not easy to monitor them manually. But with reliable time and attendance systems like facial recognition technology, the problem has been solved. How does it work?
The technology uses an individual’s facial features to clock them in the daily attendance list through its high tech camera. While employees have full other types of this time attendance systems, this one is robust. An employee has to be physically within the organization for their attendance and time to be traced.

For the employees’ information to be captured, they have to present their faces on the camera for their bio-data to be recorded. They don’t need to touch any part of this system. You will receive notifications on those employees who have clocked in late and those who never turned up.

Increase your organization’s productivity by investing in a time and attendance system that will give you accurate records of your employees’ attendance. This technology would not have come at a better time than now when people need to avoid physical contact on objects and surfaces.

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