Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Technology for All Sized Organizations

Facial recognition time and attendance may sound like it is from a new sci-fi movie but in reality, it has been here for awhile! MinuteHound has been in business for over a decade perfecting biometric technology for a business application. Facial recognition is different because it requires 0 contact and 0 touch. So in this crazy 2020 world, it is COVID19 safe. No risk of spread and 0 risk of contact since no one needs to touch anything. Employees just walk up to the camera, get scanned, and off to work they go. That simple and that foolproof!

MinuteHound’s system uses the camera in whatever device you currently have. Whether it is a tablet or a PC, laptop, etc. If you don’t have a camera, you can easily purchase a webcam from Amazon or Best Buy for pretty cheap. Then, your entire office is transformed! MinuteHound’s time and attendance system will keep employees honest by default. There is no way to cheat the system. Biometric technology is secure, safe, and absolutely error free. Employees cannot clock in for one another nor can they accidentality make a mistake. MinuteHound makes payroll perfect and less costly.

The bottom-line is MinuteHound has a unique ability to save your company money. Not only money, but time. The typical company will reduce their payroll costs by about 8-9% and save hours of manual payroll related tasks. Try MinuteHound out for free and see for yourself what this technology can do!

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