How Does Facial Time and Attendance Work?

Time attendance has historically been a very challenging task for businesses to track. It can be quite difficult for businesses to keep accurate records of employee attendance. There are also on occasion bad actors who attempt to defraud corporations in a variety of ways using their time attendance systems. Fortunately for your business, this problem has now been solved through the invention of high-tech solutions that will safely automate the process of tracking employee activity.

One such solution is known as CloudFaceClocking. This facial time and attendance solution is a biometric technology which uses the unique characteristics of a person’s face to check them in. What sets this technology apart from alternative solutions is its reliability and safety. CloudFaceClocking is a hands-free solution. Thus, if your business is taking precautions to increase the cleanliness of the workplace, this technology represents the ultimate solution to enhance the safety of your workforce and their families. That’s because it may be effectively used to prevent the spread of germs and other contaminants.

What’s best about using face recognition for clocking in employees is its reliability. Other systems are easily fooled in a variety of ways, but a facial time and attendance system requires that the employee be present in order for their attendance to be tracked. If you were to use alternative solutions on the market today, your employees would be able to easily have their fellow employees create timestamps on their behalf thereby generating fraudulent earnings. If you are unsure whether or not your employees are actually clocking themselves in, then this is the right system for your business since it could lead to considerable savings.

Buddy-punching is a well-known problem businesses face, and it is estimated that time theft represents approximately five percent of the total payroll expenses faced by businesses. By simply taking advantage of the latest technologies now available, you will no longer have to watch your employees like a hawk to keep accurate attendance records.

Furthermore, these systems are highly automated. All you need is a device with a camera to set them up too. Once your system is in place, your employees will only have to present their face to the camera and all of their information will be recorded without requiring them to unnecessarily touch any surfaces. Plus, these systems can automatically inform you when an employee has missed a shift or clocked in late to generate even greater savings for your business going forward.

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