Facial and Biometric Technology for Business

How Facial And Biometric Technology Benefits Businesses More Than Ever You’ve probably seen a few futuristic movies where societies are deeply immersed in technologies. Hand scans, facial recognition and retinal scans open sliding doors and give people high clearance access. Well it’s not too far fetched to believe that such things could be coming to your own neighborhood because it’s already beginning to happen. While regular homes don’t necessarily open doors with retinal scans yet, other biometric technology is benefiting businesses today.

Simplification Of The Clock-in Process
Fingerprint and <u><em><strong> facial recognition </strong></em></u> for business is about as simple as it gets for employees to use. While no clock-in method is particularly difficult, sometimes punch cards have to be lined up just right in the machine to accurately enter the proper time on the correct day. And of course there’s always the chance an employee may accidentally grab the wrong punch card when they clock-in. Using plastic swipe cards to clock-in can simplify things even more, but you still run the risk that the cards may accidentally deactivate or get lost. Using fingerprint or facial scan time clocks don’t require any time cards, and all the employee has to do is touch their finger or look at a screen and they’ll be scanned in. The process is simple yet high-tech.

Remote Clock-in
If you have employees who work from home or another remote location, facial recognition for business can be used. Employees will need access to either a webcam or a smartphone camera, but if they have that the login process is the same as it would be at the office. Plus, by using facial recognition instead of a username and password login, the likelihood that a hacker steals that login information is much less likely.

Combat Buddy Punching
Biometric technology is one of the keys to combating buddy punching on the time clock. Yes, even in 2020 this is still an issue businesses are going to have to deal with. Ultimately, the best way to fight it is having a company culture that encourages honesty among employees and rewards them for their hard work, but you still need to do your own part to prevent it. Having a biometric clock-in system greatly discourages and makes buddy punching nearly impossible. Also, biometric time clocks are relatively inexpensive now compared to how they used to be, so buying one for your business is definitely something to consider.

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