Finger Clocking: No Supplies Or Inventory. Clock In With A Fingerprint

The Finger Clocking System For All Business Sizes And Industries

Technology is now officially on your side. The finger clocking system from MinuteHound offers a wide array of tools and resources to every business. It is completely paperless and green, therefore no supplies are needed. No inventory to keep track of or manage. The finger clocking system is also foolproof. Employees can no longer cheat the system. In addition, common human error and mistakes are also eliminated. Payroll will become automated. The best part, all information is stored in secure offsite cloud servers. From now on, all your information and data are clicks away. By using 128-bit data encryption, the finger clocking system from MinuteHound is also the most safe and secure system on the market.

The finger clocking systems main benefit is saving employers time and money. Just by simply using MinuteHound, you automatically start saving 2-8% off of your payroll costs. By utilizing all of the resources, most clients who switch see an average return on investment of 2300%. These numbers are real. This is how advanced the finger clocking system is. It was designed and engineered for business owners, by business owners. No more manually counting up hours. From work, home or the golf course you can monitor staff. The finger clocking system is the most secure, safe, low-cost and effective time and attendance solution available.

How The Finger Clocking System Works

After you setup an account with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. This scanner is the backbone of the finger clocking system. It plugs into any computer you currently have. After you plug it in, the software is downloaded. The entire process takes under ten minutes. After that you simply start to register your employees. From now on, the finger clocking system is in place. When your staff arrives, leaves or takes breaks all they have to do is swipe their finger. All information is recorded down to the second. No more typos, confusion or gaffe’s.

Build Your Success With MinuteHound's Finger Clocking SystemSo now that the finger clocking system is in place, it is time to utilize all the features. For starters, your able to search/edit/update and more from any internet connection in the world. Your office is now virtual. From any mobile device designated managers can log in, view and track their employee movement. There is also a notification system. If any of your employees show up late or leave early, the finger clocking system will shoot you an email and a quick text message telling you. You will never be caught off guard. Overtime will never creep up. Supervised or unsupervised, employees have no choice but to always do the right thing. The finger clocking system offers many features and benefits to help out all users.

No Fine Print With MinuteHound’s Finger Clocking System

You ready for the best part? The entire finger clocking system costs you $1.00 per employee per month. The biometric fingerprint scanner itself is a one time fee of $99.95. You pay once and never again. It is so durable and reliable it comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. That guarantee is for life, not a couple years! So after you pay that one time fee you then only pay the $1.00 per employee and a $5.00 location fee. That’s it. You will save so much money this finger clocking system will pay for itself.

There is no fine print with MinuteHound’s finger clocking system. No training required. The price points are easy to understand and remember. If you ever need help or support, it’s included. Round the clock if you ever experience a problem, you will have assistance. The finger clocking system also includes free updates, for life! When a new version of this finger clocking system is released, you will get it. Again, there is no hidden fees or fine print to ever worry about. Just a tried, true and proven system. The finger clocking system will completely upgrade and transform your business. Try it out today risk free, and realize for yourself just how easy it is to start saving money.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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  1. Is it mac compatible?

    1. Hello,

      The answer to your question is YES! All the functions, features, and benefits work on both PC and Mac. The biometric scanner must be connected to a Windows based computer, however from your Mac your able to edit/modify/update/browse and check live reports. Most of our current Mac users have no problem at all, and if you need help our technical team can have you up and running in no time! Your able to try it risk free, so you have nothing to lose! Please mail us at if you have any further questions.

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