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A biometric fingerprint time clock system is easy to use. Maintaining accurate time sheet records is crucial to operating a business in a smooth and cost effective manner. Traditional time clocks use a mechanical stamp that places the time and date of clock-in or clock-out onto the paper card. However, these systems are often easy to tamper with. It is a common practice for an employee who knows that he or she will be late or absent entirely to ask a co-worker to clock in for them. This is a difficult practice to counteract in the workplace. When it is occurring, productivity is decreased, accountability is lost and money is wasted. A good way to solve this problem is through the use of a fingerprint time clock system.

A fingerprint time clock system works by confirming the identity of anyone who clocks in or out at a business. The user is required to press their finger or thumb down onto a pad which is able to read the ridges of their fingerprint. Once the employee’s identity has been verified, the time and date or clock-in or clock-out is recorded into the online database. The fingerprint time clock system records all information live. Your able to view and edit reports from anywhere. At anytime you can log in and check on staff. The fingerprint time clock system is safe, secure, and 100% accurate.

Fingerprint Time Clock System Is Cloud Based

Access Your Information From Anywhere With Cloud ComputingOne of the most advanced fingerprint time clock system software packages is MinuteHound. This program uses biometric fingerprint reading technology to remove time theft from the organization. Because it is cloud-based, there is no physical machine or record to tamper with. All clock-in and clock-out records are stored on a remote server using 128-bit encryption. This makes the records accessible from any Internet connected computer. However, due to the encryption algorithm that is utilized, prying eyes will not be able to access or alter the information stored on the fingerprint time clock system.

Other noteworthy features of the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock system include its extremely short learning curve, its plug and play compatibility, commitment-free nature, technical support and low cost. MinuteHound is famous for a feature that sets it apart from most other fingerprint time clock system software packages. It is able to send emails, or SMS text messages to an employer or supervisor when an employee is late or leaves from his or her shift before they are due to.

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