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Finger Print Attendances Save Managers Time, Stress, and Money

When MinuteHound decided to look at making a time clock system, they realized that finger print attendance would cut down on a lot of issues for the managers of businesses. In a Utopian society, employees would show up on time, clock out when they’re supposed to, and never have someone else punch their card for them. Sadly, that’s a fantasy we’ll never see become a reality. That’s why MinuteHound has created their revolutionary new time clock.

Avoid Overpaying With Finger Print Attendance
Let’s say you’ve got a company with four different branches around the world, and dozens if not hundreds of employees under the supervision of each manager. Keeping track of who’s on the clock is hard enough as is, but monitoring each person for unapproved overtime is nearly impossible. MinuteHound’s finger print attendance can help! Here’s how.

Let’s say Bill is an employee who is scheduled from 8 am – 4 pm every day. Bill’s a nice guy and does good work, but he knows his pay is an hourly one. He decides there’s no harm in staying until 5:00 each day, because, after all, what’s a few extra dollars to a big company like his? Over time, though, the extra hour each day for a week or a month or a year can really add up. The finger print attendance will sign him (and the rest of the employees) in and out of a system designed to alert managers to patterns like this! Instead of having to take notice of this yourself, you’ll be able to have the computer notice for you.

Get Urgent Notifications With Finger Print Attendance
Web Based Punch Clock SoftwareShift managers and directors understand the importance of promptness. If you have an employee who’s late, it could seriously disrupt the flow of things at the workplace. With MinuteHound’s technology, managers, directors, even the employee themselves, can get a text alerting them to the fact that the employee is late.

Similarly, managers can sign up to receive notifications if too many or too few people are clocked in at any one time. This will help raise red flags to tardiness, unapproved overtime, schedule issues, etc.

Finger Print Attendance Are Bringing Managers And Companies Peace Of Mind

With one less thing to worry about, managers and business owners are able to focus on their really important work. The MinuteHound system allows companies to remove the burden of micromanaging time punch cards and organizing payroll manually, so that everyone can focus on aspects of the job that really matter!

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