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Stop Time Theft with a Time Clock Web Based System

Using time clock web based technology, MinuteHound gives people the ability to save their company money from time theft. The average return on investment or ROI, sits at around 2,300 percent when making the switch. How does this happen? The time clock web based technology eliminates the potential for human error, buddy punching and time theft. Because this technology uses a biometric fingerprint system, unscrupulous coworkers can no longer cheat on time.

The time clock web based technology from MinuteHound uses advanced technology to keep track of the minutes. When you use this system, you keep everyone honest, and you eliminate the potential for lawsuits over employees who claim you did not pay them the full amount. Cheating is no longer tolerated with the new system from MinuteHound, and the time clock web based technology helps you manage and monitor your employees’ activity even when you are away from the office.

Setup Anywhere

With modern technology, people can complete daily tasks much easier than ever before. This time clock web based technology will let you put more time into your business because you no longer have to waste time with a punch card. In addition, the biometric time clock holds employees accountable for their actions, and it does not lead to wasted hours. Trying out this technology does not mean obligation, and you can obtain an estimate tailored to your business that has been designed to save your company money. With this time clock web based system, you can mount it to a desk, wall or shelf, and it allows for business owners to create a workstation based on their preferences.

Time Clock Web BasedSome people worry that they will not have the technical know-how to use the technology from MinuteHound. With this time clock web based technology, you do not have to have IT skills or knowledge, and there is no training required. With the system, you are brought a true solution to time theft in the workplace. According to the American Payroll Association, time theft costs business owners an average of $148 billion dollars every year. This occurs because of ineffective time keeping systems.

The Time Clock Web Based System is Cost Effective

What helps MinuteHound stand out as a system is the cost, support and technology. You cannot find this option in stores or anywhere else for that matter. Because MinuteHound is a service, you can pay for it on a monthly basis as opposed to paying a lot of money upfront. Using the time clock web based technology, you can log in from an iPad or tablet and view detailed information about attendance. Instead of becoming a liability, MinuteHound uses attendance software that provides you with a toolbox of useful resources that will lower your overall costs. This cutting edge technology has been designed for accuracy and ease of use.

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock Web Based.

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