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One of the biggest problems in the workplace relates to how easy time theft can be with obsolete time cards. All you need is a willing coworker to clock in for you when you are running late for work, and you wind up paying employees for time that they were not even there. The fingerprint attendance management system from MinuteHound has been patented to guarantee that the newest technology of eliminating time theft remains exclusive to this company. The designers of this technology made it with the intentions of helping large businesses at multiple locations to track their employees with accuracy and simplicity.

The Beginnings of MinuteHound
The technology MinuteHound uses started out in the military. With the fingerprint attendance management system, the fingerprints were translated into a binary string of numbers that were sent over the web and recorded at a location with a remote server. The process of encryption has been patented, and it eliminates your concerns over privacy. The fingerprint attendance management system does not keep record of fingerprint images, and you cannot reverse engineer the encrypted number string.

This fingerprint attendance management system keeps careful record of when employees clock in and out of work. As a large business owner, you may not have the ability to track everyone using a time card. With the fingerprint attendance management system, everything gets tracked automatically, and you do not have to calculate the payroll of your employees because this also takes place automatically. Imagine freeing up your time for the more important elements of your business.

Taking Control of Your Business
Easy To Use Software & Live SupportThe real time reporting means that business owners can take a vacation without stressing what is happening back home. They will have the option to receive alerts and stay informed when problems contribute to inefficiency at their company. The fingerprint attendance management system from MinuteHound lets managers adjust to the needs of their company. You have the ability to save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars every day through the elimination of time theft and greater business efficiency. That’s technology that pays for itself!

When you use the outdated time cards that many companies have become dependent on, it opens them up to a string of lawsuits because record keeping can be more difficult. This fingerprint attendance management system keeps you safe from specific types of lawsuits because it shows inarguable evidence of attendance or the lack of it. On average, most business owners see a Return on Investment of around 2,300 percent. The fingerprint attendance management system from MinuteHound ensures that buddy punching never happens. According to the American Payroll Association, businesses in the United States have lost $148 billion annually from inefficient time keeping, and it costs the average business five percent of their total payroll.

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