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Today’s Leading Fingerprint Attendance Management System

Tracking employees’ attendance with time sheets and time clocks is inefficient. These old methods are time consuming and unreliable. With an outdated system, it’s all too easy for employees to cover for each other. Using time sheets to calculate payroll is a surefire way to end up with costly errors. MinuteHound is today’s leading fingerprint attendance management system, and it will change the way you track employees’ attendance. Learn more about the benefits of this top-quality fingerprint attendance management system below.

A fingerprint attendance management system upgrades your business. To clock in, employees swipe their fingers on the scanner. After you setup an account, it is mailed to you. Free shipping included. This fingerprint attendance management system tracks employees’ in real time. Accurate down to the second. This type of technology eliminates the risk of buddy punching, which is when one employee clocks in for another. It will save you huge amounts of money. The average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hour day. The more senior your employee, the more likely they will steal time. Take control of your office. A fingerprint attendance management system will end bad habits.

The Fingerprint Attendance Management System Is Safe

MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance management system is designed with superior security. Completely safe for all users on every level. Peace of mind for all. This high-quality fingerprint attendance management system takes the fingerprint, and turns it into numbers. That number is then fragmented and sent to four secure servers. Using 128-bit encryption, data is always kept safe. In other words, there is absolutely no risk of a person’s fingerprint to fall into the wrong hands. You can rely on the MinuteHound fingerprint attendance management system for safe, secure transactions at all times.

Access information from anywhere. In addition to cutting-edge technology, MinuteHound takes full advantage of cloud computing. Employees’ attendance information is sent to the cloud, where it can be accessed from anywhere. You just need an Internet connection. Check on your staff on the go. Use your mobile device to view the latest reports. The fingerprint attendance management system allows 24/7 access. The days of rifling through filing cabinets are over. Now, all your records are at your finger tips. Online web attendance at it’s finest.

Fingerprint Attendance Management System: Upgrade Your Business

Fingerprint Attendance Management System: Online Web AttendanceIf you’d like to eliminate time clock abuse, upgrade to MinuteHound’s fingerprint attendance management system. Enjoy the ability to access information from anywhere. Do away with time sheets entirely. This is a truly plug-and-play solution, and there’s no learning curve to contend with at all. With an incredible return on investment, MinuteHound will pay for itself almost immediately. Protect your bottom line and boost productivity. Spark a positive change in your workplace.

Easy to use and setup. The fingerprint attendance management system requires no training. The price points are low. Starting at $1.00 per employee, you can’t go wrong. Small or large businesses can benefit from this system. Never again bang your head against the wall looking for mistakes. This system will make payroll stress and error free. You will never over pay or cut a bad check. Employees will always receive the correct amount. Money is not easy to come by. We all work hard for our paychecks. With this system, save more of it. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. As a business owner this system is a dream come true.

There is no upfront investment. All you need to do is purchase the scanner for $99.95. This is a one time fee. There is no long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime for any reason. The scanner itself is backed for life. Your able to return it if you ever need to cancel your subscription. Round the clock support and lifetime updates means your covered. There is no hidden fees. No fine print to ever worry about. Just a tried, tested, and proven solution for your business.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Attendance System: Save Money. Save Time. Online Web Attendance Does It All!

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