Fingerprint Recognition System: Data Protection. Employee Verification

An Easy To Use Fingerprint Recognition System

We have all known someone who was dishonest about clocking in and out at work. It is common for employees to cheat by having friends clock in and out for them. This can be done because most time clock software lacks a reliable way to identify users. MinuteHound seeks to change all that by implementing a fingerprint recognition system that is both easy to use and effective.

A fingerprint recognition system is one of the very best ways to identify a user. It does not use employee numbers or names. Instead, it uses a small pad to detect a user’s finger. However, the hardware is just a small part of how a fingerprint recognition system like MinuteHound’s works. Software is needed to “see” the ridges and curves on a user’s finger and compare them to known users in the system.

Fingerprint Recognition System: Support and Assistance

MinuteHound’s features include accounting of time and fingerprint recognition system data on a “cloud” server. Unlike less secure time clock systems, this means that no one PC is in charge of the time clock. This makes storage and recall of this information easy, but difficult for people to tamper with. Unlike many cloud servers, MinuteHound’s software is simple to use and comes with round the clock support. There are no long and complex manuals to read. Personal help is provided online or by telephone.

MinuteHound’s reporting features are some of the best in the business. Because the fingerprint recognition system is able to talk instantly with the cloud server, a boss can be told instantly if a person clocks in late or leaves early. These messages can be sent using email, or SMS “text message.” A boss can also log into the fingerprint recognition system using a web browser anywhere in the world.

Fingerprint Recognition System: Risk Free

Fingerprint Recognition System Is Risk FreeIn order to prevent unwanted access, all of the data stored in MinuteHound’s cloud server is coded using 128-bit encryption. Despite the high level of security that this fingerprint recognition system provides, MinuteHound’s “plug and play” design makes it very easy to install and use.

Finally, MinuteHound’s design simplifies the time clock by needing no time cards to be kept. The process is automatic, from the fingerprint recognition system to the saving of time events. There are no contracts and no risks. Give MinuteHound a try today and see how easy it can be to manage your workers’ time.

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