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Employers- Why Aren’t You Using This Revolutionary Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock?!

You are finally the employer, not the employee! You run your business the way you want and decide how to spend your business’s money. Part of that money goes to your employees, but what about those employees that are always late, who milk the clock and essentially steal your hard-earned money? Being the boss of a business can be overwhelming, but payroll doesn’t need to be one of the stressful parts anymore! You sound like you need a fingerprint biometric time clock from MinuteHound!

What Is a Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock?
MinuteHound is a time and attendance (time clock) system that allows employees to clock-in and out with a finger. A fingerprint biometric time clock scans the employee’s individual fingerprint in order to clock them in or out, therefore eliminating issues employers face with traditional time cards. MinuteHound eliminates employee time theft, which is the practice of one employee clocking another employee in or out for their shift. This is known as “buddy punching,” “time theft,” “time clock manipulation,” and “unapproved overtime.”

Let’s say Cindy is one of your employees. She’s notorious for either not showing up for her shift at all, or being at work when she isn’t scheduled. Cindy always makes up some story, saying that someone asked her to cover their shift or that she swears she was on the schedule and might as well work since she’s there (even though there’s enough people already there). But you can’t always be there to count heads and make sure Cindy’s story checks out, right? Wrong! Along with all the great things MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock can already do, MinuteHound can also notify designated managers when there are too few or too many employees clocked in.

Why Is MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock So Special?
Employee Attendance Software Now Easier Than EverA better question would be what is NOT special about MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock! It allows managers to view employees’ attendance records online (cloud based) in real-time, 24/7. No more worrying about searching through file cabinets! MinuteHound reduces the average business’ payroll cost by 2-8%. Imagine what you could do with another 2-8% of your business’s money! And if you decide that MinuteHound isn’t for you, MinuteHound provides a risk free money back guarantee and even pays for return shipping.

Nothing To Lose With MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock!
MinuteHound is easy for employees to use, and super convenient for employers! It saves you money, helps you weed out untrustworthy employees and gives you access to employee attendance records from anywhere! So the only question left is: when will you get MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock?

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Biometric Time and AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock.

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