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The Benefits of Online Time Clock Software

Your company, like any company, needs an online time clock solution to better manage staff. A time clock online solves several major issues for managers. The clock can save you money off payroll and employee fraud. Using a time clock online gets rid of time theft from the workplace. It also provides alerts when an employee arrives late or leaves before their shift ends. The best part: it only costs pennies a day!

A Time Clock Online is Easy to Set Up

The process for setting up a time clock online is so simple it doesn’t require any training on the part of your employees. Plug the reader into a computer with an Internet connection, download software, and you’re ready to start using your time clock online. Using a time clock online makes it possible to take your attendance system with you anywhere. In a world where business is becoming increasingly mobile, this is a crucial benefit for any company. Use your time clock to easily take attendance in any location or environment.

Moving to the Cloud is Safe and Secure

Cloud-based systems are extremely secure. Anybody with access to your office can find time cards, employee information and other data that could be used against your employees or company. Using a time clock online protects you from theft by integrating 128-bit encryption to transfer data securely. Additionally, since there are no RFID cards, badges or keychains to manage, you don’t have to worry about lost inventory. The employee only needs their fingerprint. This makes a fingerprint reader a safer option given the questionable security of RFID-based systems.

Time Theft is Virtually Impossible with a Time Clock Online

Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingThere are many ways employees can cheat a traditional time-keeping system. An employee can have his friend clock him in if he plans to arrive late. If someone wants to leave early, another employee can clock them out. Installing a biometric time clock online system prevents and discourages this sort of theft. The manager can receive both text and email alerts when someone doesn’t clock in or out for a shift. When this happens, the manager has the option of calling the office to confirm if an employee is there.

Using a Time Clock Online Isn’t Only for Business

Schools can help keep students safer by using a time clock online. Imagine if you’re running a school with 3,000 students. With a reader in each classroom, the students simply swipe their finger upon entering the classroom. Parents will appreciate the conscientiousness of the school, and better attendance records will be maintained. If a student forgets to scan their finger, it can be quickly remedied by the office staff with a quick call to the teacher to find out if the student is in attendance. In any case of emergency, students location can be known with a few clicks on the web.

The Future is Here

Time clock online software makes it easier for everyone involved. Businesses, schools and organizations can make sure everyone is accounted for and safe. No more logs and manual bookkeeping is required to keep updated records, and all information can be easily obtained from a secure, online data center.

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