Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock: Business Friendly Technology

Accurately Track Employee Time With A Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock

Employee time cards are very outdated in today’s fully networked world. With a fingerprint biometric time clock, companies can accurately track how much time their employees spend in the office from anywhere in the world. Unlike time cards, a fingerprint biometric time clock can’t be fooled. Each employee must be physically present. There is no cheating this system. Friends at work can share pins, passwords, and sign-in for each other. However, with a fingerprint biometric time clock, those days are officially over. Payroll fraud, fudging numbers, and unapproved overtime are eliminated.

The fingerprint biometric time clock can’t be tampered with. Stop spending hours each week recording and calculating each employee’s time. MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock automatically compiles a report for each employee. Real-time tracking and alarms alert employers when employees arrive late or leave early. Go green and save big. By having a paperless system, you no longer have to worry about supplies. Save money and the planet! No other equipment needed. After you setup an account, the fingerprint biometric time clock is mailed to you. Within a couple days, you will be up and running.

Once you receive the scanner in the mail, setup is a breeze. In under 10 minutes, the software is downloaded and installed. Now your employees are registered and your fingerprint biometric time clock is in place. The program runs in the background so it can be installed on any computer you have. You do not need to buy a new computer or designate an office computer. Employees clock in and out within seconds. It can be located up to 6 feet away with the included cord. However, with 3 extension cords it be located up to 54 feet away.

The Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock Tools And Resources

The fingerprint biometric time clock software also provides powerful tools. Managers are able to plan employee schedules far in advance. Holidays, sick-days, vacations, and any other event can be entered. The fingerprint biometric time clock even tracks and records breaks. If your employee takes a 2 week vacation, this system will email you reminding you of his/her return. Always stay up to date and informed. The fingerprint biometric time clock keeps you in the loop 24/7.

Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyMinuteHound uses state of the art cloud computing to store employee records online. Employers can access those records from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. All data is transmitted with high security 128-bit encryption. The fingerprint biometric time clock is the safe, secure, and guaranteed accurate. Change up your office and spark a change. Information is never at risk. Peace of mind for every user on every level.

Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock: Payroll Automation

The fingerprint biometric time clock also features integration with popular payroll providers such as QuickBooks and ADP. This eliminates another time-consuming step for management. By having your staff use fingerprints as a form of clocking in and out, your reports are guaranteed to be accurate. No more games or gimmicks. From now on, payroll is automated. No more over or under paying. The fingerprint biometric time clock will produce flawless detailed reports.

The fingerprint biometric time clock is very easy to use and setup. However, if you ever need assistance you have it. You can call or e-mail whenever you have a question or need some help. Upon purchase, you can setup a consultation with a technical expert to go over all the features if you want. Your success is MinuteHound’s success. The fingerprint biometric time clock is affordable. It is only $1.00 per employee. Now, small businesses can enjoy the high tech tools large corporations have in place. The time is now to upgrade. Setup an account today, start saving tomorrow!

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