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Fingerprint Clock In System means Smooth Sailing

How much money does your business lose due to unauthorized overtime each month? For successful corporations, it’s not a big deal, but if you’re just starting out, every penny counts. When employees stay later to finish work, they expect to be paid. But what happens if they aren’t really working? Old-fashioned time clocks and paper attendance sheets makes it impossible to verify if they were really working.

The good news is that the simple integration of a fingerprint clock in system ensures that your employees are able to punch in and start their day on the right foot. And the same holds true for when the day is over. With a fingerprint clock in system, employees no longer need to shut down their computer early to punch out on time. With a swipe of their finger, they are able to clock out for the day at the right time. What does this mean for you? Those unfinished projects will get the attention they deserve.

Making the Switch
Integration of a fingerprint clock in system is easy. It can be installed on any computer you choose within the workplace. With its plug and play functionality, you’re able you to move it from computer to computer without having to call tech support. It’s as simple as plugging in the USB cord and enrolling your employees. With biometric technology, your employees are able to be recognize through their fingerprints. MinuteHound’s fingerprint clock in system eliminates the need for paper time attendance sheets and a stationary time clock.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Software, time to move!Conventional methods of employee identification rely heavily on passwords, PIN codes and ID cards. Not only are these methods are time consuming, but can also be a precursor to time theft and payroll fraud. Co-workers can easily swap ID badges and buddy punch for their friends who weren’t authorized to leave early. Not only is this morally wrong, but it costs unsuspecting business owners thousands of dollars each year. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint clock in system, each employee is verified on the uniqueness of their fingerprint, thus making it impossible to sign in or out for another co-worker. This ensures 100 percent accuracy when it comes time to calculate payroll. There are many reasons why you should integrate a fingerprint clock in system into your business.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint clock in system reduces the amount of time employees take to punch in each day. MinuteHound’s innovative biometric system doesn’t require input of a password or secret PIN. All personal information is captured with the touch of a finger. With a fingerprint clock in system in place, employees must be present to punch in and out. Not only does this save money, but it also increases the level of security overall. Even though the system is technology advanced, MinuteHound’s fingerprint clock in system is affordable. By not having to replace lost or stolen ID badges, companies are able to save money. Installation of a biometric fingerprint system is the first step to increasing profit and boosting company morale. Call today and see what MinuteHound can do for you.

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