Fingerprint Device: Connect to Any PC to Get Started

What is a Fingerprint Device?

A fingerprint device is so simple and easy to use, without even trying, it works to perfection! The technology part will come later, but what is a fingerprint device and what does it do? Simple, a fingerprint device is used by business owners to track the whereabouts of their staff. So when someone clocks into work, it records their time. A fingerprint device is useful simply because employees can’t steal time. Friends cannot cover for each other or work non-approved OT. A manager doesn’t even have to be present for the fingerprint device to work. They just show up, press down, and within seconds their time is recorded and off to work they go. Same process for breaks, changing departments, and leaving for the day.

The fingerprint device is very similar to any iPhone or tablet. You cannot gain access without first being properly identified. In the case of using this technology for tracking time and attendance, employees cannot record time without being physically present to do so. The fingerprint device just acts as the machine and uses the employees fingerprint compared to pens, paper, time cards, sheets, etc. Using one’s fingerprint is the most accurate and non-intrusive method of using biometric technology. MinuteHound has been perfecting it for close to a decade now! There is no service with lower costs and better results!

The Benefits of using A Fingerprint Device

The most important aspect of a fingerprint device is it automatically kills fraud. There is no way to cheat anymore. Padding hours and giving themselves extra time is no longer an option. The fingerprint device shuts this down from the 1st use. No special training or setup required. The fingerprint device works right out of the box. Just plug it in and download the software. Pretty easy! By cutting out fraud a business can save so much money. Not to mention all the clear reports that can be generated and payroll expenses go down. The time is now to start saving!

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