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Biometric Fingerprint Attendance is Secure and Efficient

Technology today has made almost everything faster, safer, and easier. By improving the systems you use in your business, you stand to save time and money. MinuteHound offers a solution to an old problem: time and attendance tracking. Biometric fingerprint attendance offers a secure way to track and confirm any employees presence and time spent on the job. The system is low cost, easy to use, and will take the uncertainly out of payroll and time disputes. MinuteHound also offers a web-based solution which does not include the biometric fingerprint attendance tools.

Most time card software takes a few minutes to fill out. Minutes will stack up over the course of the year. Biometric fingerprint attendance leaves all that behind. Tracking is automatic once the scanner is used. This feature means saved time and saved money. Faster logging in means the employee will be ready to work that much sooner. The web-based option is almost as powerful through different means. The system requires a username and password and logs the IP address of the device used to sign in. Each entry is always paired with a time stamp. This ensures you know where the employee is logging in from at all times.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Advantages

The biggest advantage of biometric fingerprint attendance is that it requires the user to be physically present. This removes the ability for other users to log in as someone else. Once scanned in, the time is tracked in a system which is accessible from around the world. The manager can check in to see who is working in real time and make changes to scheduling as needed. The process for logging out is the same. Placing a finger on the biometric fingerprint attendance scanner will log the user out right away. Just in case, MinuteHound allows for anyone who has been given access to make manual corrections. All stats are ready for reporting so that employers can have data at the tips of their fingers.

Biometric fingerprint attendance software is easy to use and set up. Each unit connects to a computer via USB port and requires little training to use. A single biometric fingerprint attendance scanner can support an unlimited number of users. Reports created by the system are easy to read and provide detailed figures. MinuteHound provides a calculator on its website for exacting pricing information.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance For Business

MinuteHound offers safety, ease, and quick access through its biometric fingerprint attendance tools and web-based option. Both options save companies time and money through efficient and effective use of technology. Finding the right choice for you is simple: just visit the MinuteHound website. It has never been easier to take control of attendance tracking than now.

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