Fingerprint Recognition Software Verifies Employees Attendance

Fingerprint Recognition Software Stops Time Theft

Time theft, at first blush, seems like an absurd concept. How can someone steal time? Of course, they don’t actually steal time. Employee time theft refers to stealing the company’s time. Employees do this by leaving early, arriving late and taking longer breaks than they are allowed. Over time, this adds up to a huge sum of money lost. Fingerprint recognition software fixes these problems. Employees stay honest, whether supervised or not. If your not currently using biometrics in your workplace, your losing money. This is a fact. By using fingerprint recognition software, you automatically save 5 – 8% off of your payroll costs. These savings are just the beginning.

Paid employees stealing time essentially means the company is paying them to do nothing. This is a complete loss to the company in terms of labor costs. How can businesses rectify this situation? The good news is that fingerprint recognition software can help. By securely noting exactly when an employee leaves and returns, time theft can be reduced significantly. Errors are fixed, mistakes are corrected. There is no cheating this system. As a business owner, you work hard for your money. Keep more of it by using fingerprint recognition software in your office.

Fingerprint Recognition Software Keeps You Informed

MinuteHound has invented a time clock that connects to the Internet. This clock is fully automated. It tracks employees as they clock in and out of work. MinuteHound’s fingerprint recognition software works on any computer. The software runs in the background, so everyday use is fine. No need to buy extra equipment. In under 10 minutes, you will be up and running. You can also receive alerts when they are needed. Text and email messages notify managers if employees are late or leaving early. Stay up to date 24/7. Overtime will never creep up.

Highly Effective Fingerprint Recognition SoftwareThe MinuteHound Time Clock uses fingerprint recognition software originally developed for the military. The fingerprints are encrypted into a unique string of numbers. This string is sent to an account accessed by managers. Three advantages are immediately apparent. The need for punched time cards is eliminated. Mechanical errors are a thing of the past. Time spent figuring the payroll is reduced. No more counting hours. Let technology do the work for you. Stress and error free payroll at it’s finest.

Fingerprint Recognition Software Provides Detailed Reports

Several other useful features are included within the clock. The fingerprint recognition software creates detailed data tables. This data can be exported to accounting or spreadsheet programs. The time spent calculating specific hours and payments is greatly reduced. The clock even provides an Excel-based table to figure wage data for every employee. All this for $1.00 per employee. You will be saving money in your first month. Within days, you will notice a change. Fingerprint recognition software is tried, tested, and proven to work.

Fingerprint recognition software creates a foolproof record of attendance. Employee error is non-existent since they do nothing other than place their finger on the scanner. The number of employees that can be registered by the system is unlimited. Registering a new employee takes one to two minutes. The fingerprint recognition software is very easy to use and setup. The clock can be tested after registration to ensure accuracy. Round the clock support is provided. If you ever need help, you have it. Start saving time and money today!

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