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5 Reasons MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Scanner Price is a Solid Investment

While ideas about biometrics have been around for hundreds of years, the technology has only recently become available. MinuteHound is pushing the boundaries of science by making its time and attendance system reliable, accessible and affordable. Their fingerprint scanner price and monthly service fee is a good deal! Here are 5 reasons why:

1. The fingerprint scanner price is a one-time expense – The time clock software requires a one-time purchase of a USB fingerprint scanner. For a limited time, the fingerprint scanner price is $99.95 and support is included at no extra charge. There are also no long term obligations or hidden fees, and the purchase is risk free. MinuteHound offers a full money back guarantee. The scanner can be returned for any reason at all, and even shipping will be covered (both ways). Now that’s product confidence!

2. The monthly service fee costs less than a meal – Let’s say you employ 20 people in your office. How much would it cost to cater a “thank you” lunch for your group? How much would you pay to conduct business over dinner at a full-service restaurant with even one of those dedicated employees? MinuteHound’s monthly employee fee is $19.95 for a 20-person office, plus a $5 branch fee. Every month, for less than $1 per person, you can ensure attendance accuracy and peace of mind.

3. The system pays for itself – Payroll can be one of the biggest expenses for any business. Would you pay a fingerprint scanner price of $99.95 to realize a payroll cost savings of 2-8%? Would it be worth it to pay a small service fee in order to help eliminate fraud in your organization? Collecting and reconciling attendance information takes time. When it comes to payroll processing, time actually is money. MinuteHound’s time clock system uses fingerprinting technology to save time and to abolish fraud.

4. It’s simple – There is no need to waste time reading volumes of documentation or attending training sessions. MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner price includes round-the-clock support, but you will not need it. It’s a plug and play system that allows for easy installation and quick/flexible monitoring.

5. It’s safe – This cloud-based system stores data remotely to guarantee both safety and accessibility. The patented identification process ensures precise tracking, and the lack of timesheets wipes out manual errors.

As you can see, for a low fingerprint scanner price and monthly service fee, you can bring about swift changes in your organization. MinuteHound’s attendance system will save you time, money and headache. Even if you’re a skeptic, I urge you to try the system as it is backed by an outstanding money back guarantee. Other time clock products require contracts or additional fees. They also often carry a prohibitive fingerprint scanner price. MinuteHound’s system is affordable and risk free.

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