Efficient Biometrics Attendance: Flawless Employee Time Clock

Benefits to Using Biometrics Attendance Systems

A biometrics attendance system uses fingerprints instead of a punch card as a method that an employee can use to record when he or she arrives and leaves. This article will discuss the numerous advantages that are able to be gained by using a biometrics attendance system.

Saves a Company Money
There are three different ways that using a biometrics attendance system can save a company a great deal of money.

  • Time Theft and Buddy Punching
    Money tends to be lost when an employee tries to cheat the system by clocking in too early or clocking out later than he or she was actually working. Employees can also work together to cheat the system by clocking each other in or out. Because, unlike punch cards or employee identification numbers, fingerprints cannot be shared or lent, this system makes it nearly impossible to steal time.
  • Human Error
    Human error, such as incorrectly punching a card or accidentally putting in the wrong number, also adds up to a lot of time that is lost and needs to be paid for by the company. When a person scans his or her fingerprint in a biometrics attendance system, the time at which the finger is scanned will automatically be recorded for clocking both in and out.
  • Physical Waste
    Time cards and regular time clocks produce a lot of paper waste that has to be paid for. Because a biometrics attendance system is entirely digital, none of this paper waste is produced.

  • Automatic Record Keeping
    When an employee scans his or her fingerprint in a biometrics attendance system to start and end his or her shift, all of that information will be automatically recorded in a secure web portal. This web portal will organize the information and allow the data to be analyzed for patterns that can be manipulated to improve efficiency. After the data has been uploaded to the secure web portal, it can be accessed from anywhere, from any computer. This allows the information to be easily shared.

    Easy to Use
    Plug and Play Punch ClockThe biometrics attendance system is very easy to use. Once it arrives, it simply needs to be plugged in and it is ready to go. This system also comes with a 24/7 customer support line that will help any technological issues be solved in as short a time as possible.

    Cost Effective
    A biometrics attendance system does not cost very much. It costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per site per month, as well as the one time fee of $99.95 for the entire system. This $99.95 is guarantee for life and upon returning the scanner, the full $99.95 is refunded to you! This is a small price to pay for a reduction in time theft and a much more efficient time system.

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