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Use the Fingerprint Solution Eliminate Time Clock Capital Loss

MinuteHound has created a revolutionary new product that saves businesses money by applying the fingerprint solution to payroll problems. The fingerprint solution refers to MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock and Cloud Based Attendance Software. Through the use of this new hardware and software combination, businesses are saving money hand over fist.

Every year, business profits are victims of their own employees who game the system by the practice of buddy clocking, or punching in and out for each other at the time clock. This fraudulent behavior, along with user error, costs businesses up to 2-8% of their payroll every year. Thankfully, the new fingerprint solution from MinuteHound eliminates these practices and keeps the time clock honest and accurate while providing up to the minute information about the comings and goings of all employees.

MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Solution Is Easy and 100% Safe To Use

The fingerprint solution changes the time clock procedure into a very simple process, no longer requiring the memorization of a number and eliminating the necessity of a card. Instead, employees place their finger on a fingerprint scanner that is connected to a company computer. Their punch is then automatically recorded in the Cloud Based Attendance Software. The time saved otherwise fiddling with clunky keypads alone is an excellent reason to implement this revolutionary system.

The True Fingerprint SolutionAll reports, because they are stored in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. Business owners will be able to see who is on the clock at any given time thanks to the fingerprint solution. Employers can even choose to receive emails or text messages if an employee is late or leaves early from an assigned shift. By having this information at your fingertips will keep you in the loop all all times.

Affordability For All: The Fingerprint Solution

Best of all, the fingerprint solution is incredibly easy to set up. The associated software is plug and play, so there are is no steep learning curve to get the most out of this amazing new product. With customer support available around the clock and the risk-free guarantee, it’s a given that companies will be lining up to test drive the fingerprint solution.

The fingerprint solution scanner is available starting at $99.95 each for a limited time only. Currently, small businesses of only 20 employees qualify for the $24.95 monthly subscription fee. Additional pricing for larger companies can be found at the MinuteHound website.

So, if you’re tired of losing money due to punch clock fraud and want to reclaim that capital, give the Biometric Time Clock a try. Percentages add up, so put that money back into your business and upgrade your time clock technology now!

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