Punch Clocks Are The Old Time Clock. Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Punch Clocks Have Been Replaced

For any business owner that currently uses punch clocks in their workplace, you already know the limitations. Punch clocks for the most part depend upon an honor system. Employees are supposed to show up at the right time at the right place and not leave early. Well, this is not what happens. Outdated punch clocks used to be the standard in the workplace. Staff arrives, they take their time card, punch it, and repeat at the end of the day. However, this practice is outdated and out of touch with the challenges that business owners face. Technology dominates, and now there is a foolproof solution to replace old fashion punch clocks and upgrade your business. Punch clocks were expired long ago, it is pointless to invest in old technology. MinuteHound however is the new standard and biometric technology proves it.

Biometric technology is what drives an advanced time and attendance system. By using fingerprints as a form of verifying employees, your guaranteed accurate reports. Punch clocks do not have this capability. Some updated forms do have a fingerprint option, however it is no way as robust as MinuteHound. For starters, no information is stored locally. Most punch clocks either have your time cards or personal information all stored on the machine or in close proximity. MinuteHound stores all information in the cloud. This means data loss is no more. Information stored in the cloud is safe, secure and convenient. You can access it 24/7. Designated managers can log in and view information from anywhere, at anytime. Punch clocks were invented way before cloud computing, and are officially retired.

Why Punch Clocks Are More Harm Then Help

Not only do punch clocks cost more than modern technology, they are also more of a pain to setup and install. With MinuteHound, there is no inventory. No supplies to keep track of. Punch clocks on the other hand need cards or badges to stamp with the current time. What is stopping buddies at work from doing this? Employers need to have a system in place that holds employees accountable for their actions. Punch clocks are not the answer, they are the problem. Using biometric technology is the foolproof answer all businesses require. Now, every second is accounted for.

Build Your Success With MinuteHoundThe way it works is through a biometric fingerprint time clock. This is your scanner. Your employees will simply arrive, leave and take breaks all by swiping their finger on the scanner. No badges, pins, passwords or cards needed. From now on, a simple swipe will be all that is required for the most detailed and accurate reports you have ever known. Punch clocks as you can imagine are more costly and take up too much space. The scanner is the size of a computer mouse. You save money, time, office space and mother earth all at the same time! Punch clocks require paper or print outs, MinuteHound is green. Paperless and perfect which makes payroll automated and easy as a few clicks.

Punch Clocks Have Finally Clocked Out

Punch clocks typically come with some warranty that does you no good. You either have to ship it back, call someone to replace it, or your out of luck. MinuteHound offers round the clock support and can troubleshoot any problems over the phone. The scanner itself is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee. If you ever need a new one, you will have one. Punch clocks don’t offer this for if they did, they would not exist! Punch clocks have short shelf lives, MinuteHound has lifetime updates. No collecting dust here. The choice is clear. Make the switch to MinuteHound today, you will be so glad you did!

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