Fingerprint Time & Attendance: Biometric, Foolproof, and 100% Accurate

Fingerprint Time & Attendance: How They are Related

When it comes to the relationship between fingerprint time & attendance, it is important to point out that people usually only show up on time when they know something bad could happen if they show up late. For example, if someone knows that their friend can clock in for them before they actually get to work, then there is really no reason for them to show up on time. As long as the time clock says that they got their on time, then their boss will not be wise to the situation. When you bring fingerprint time & attendance into the mix, it becomes easier to see when people are lying about their time records. Let’s take a look at some examples of how fingerprint time & attendance can change once you have upgraded your work tracking system.

No More Long Lunch Breaks
One of the best aspects of a fingerprint time & attendance system is that it helps an employer make sure that their workers are not taking long lunch breaks. There is really no incentive to get back early or on time when you are setting your own lunch break hours. By installing a fingerprint time & attendance system at your place of business, you can make sure that everyone gets back to work on time.

No More Over-payments on Paychecks

When employees are lying on their time sheets, the overall effect on a business’s profits can be rather extreme. For example, if there are five workers who are giving themselves an extra $25 on each paycheck, that adds up to nearly $3000 per year of losses for the company. A fingerprint time & attendance software system can make sure that this kind of problem does not pop up again in the future.

Stop Time Theft With BiometricsBy using a biometric fingerprint time & attendance system, payroll is automatic. Reports are available 24/7 from any internet connected device. Managers and adimistrators can log-in and view/modify reports as they see fit, from anywhere. A biometric fingerprint time & attendance system brings employee management into the 21st century. Everything is digital, with more savings both in time and money.

Is Kind of Software Difficult to Use?
One of the main questions that people have when it comes to the kind of software that you get from MinuteHound is whether or not it is easy to use. The honest answer is Yes! The entire installation takes about 5 minutes, with no IT skills required. The system will definitely pay for itself in increased productivity and decreased wage fraud over time. You may think that you do not need fingerprint time & attendance software right now, but you will be amazed at the kinds of changes that can be made with these systems.

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