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Integration into the Biometric World

In today’s technologically advanced society, conventional methods of employee verification are becoming obsolete. Biometrics are taking over traditional time clocks and password authentications strategies. A fingerprint time attendance machine benefits company’s of today in various ways. As we’re different, we all possess physiological features that can’t be swapped, stolen or shared. A MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance machine has the ability to accurately identify your employees 100 percent of the time. Since it’s impossible to duplicate someone’s fingerprint, buddy punching will become something that “used to” occur.

A fingerprint time attendance machine is easy to use and doesn’t require extensive training. This helps to reduce overall management costs by eliminating the need to replace lost ID cards or recover forgotten passwords. As it generates savings across the board, MinuteHound fingerprint time attendance machine is the solution you’ve been looking for! Installing a fingerprint time attendance machine, you are able to create a concrete audit trail to reinforce accountability. Every time one of your employees punch in or out, it will be documented in real time. What does this mean for you? Simply put, it takes the guesswork out of doing your next payroll. Everything is easily accessible from your cellular phone, tablet or laptop. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of system misuse and payroll fraud.

Increase on Your Return of Investment

A MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance machine enhances accuracy and eliminates the risk of time theft. When compared to conventional methods of timekeeping methods, the ROI is much higher than with paper time cards, ID badges and PIN codes. A fingerprint time attendance machine is easily integrated within the workplace. The biometric technology allows only authorized personnel to view your employees’ personal information. The risk of identity theft disappears since there is no longer a stack of papers sitting on your desk.

With traditional timekeeping strategies, disorganization is almost a given. From lost ID badges to the inaccuracies found on paper time cards, the risk of unauthorized punches is high. With a fingerprint time attendance machine, each and every punch is safely stored online in 128-bit encryption. Processing payroll each month is more than simply tallying up the hours. Those responsible need to be certain every minute is accounted for so as not to under or over pay any of your employees. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance machine takes the guesswork out of completing payroll. Since all punches are captured with real-time reporting, the possibility of human error doesn’t exist. Payroll is able to be completed faster and easier than ever before.

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