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The Magic behind the Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

Ever looked at the obsolete time cards and thought, “There has to be a better way!” Thanks to MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance machine, there actually is a better way. Instead of having to worry about buddy punching and schedule exceptions in the workplace, MinuteHound eliminates these undesirable activities through biometric fingerprint technology. Because no one in the office has the same fingerprint, the fingerprint time attendance machine from MinuteHound eliminates time theft once and for all.

Unlike any other fingerprint time attendance machine, MinuteHound takes a novel approach to scanning your employees’ fingerprints. Instead of leaving a huge hole in security, the fingerprint time attendance machine takes the fingerprint and it converts it into binary code. Once this happens, it sends the information via a secured channel to the cloud. The best part about MinuteHound is how they never keep this information on file, so if there is a privacy concern with other companies, you don’t have to worry about it here.

The advantage of storing time attendance in the cloud is that you do not have a centralized location. When you store everything in the cloud, it will have automatic backup via multiple redundancies. Doing that with a centralized server in the workplace, what happens if a fire or earthquake hits your servers?

Business owners have chosen MinuteHound because their fingerprint time attendance machine lets you see what is happening at your business right now as opposed to when it is too late. Imagine taking a well-deserved vacation on the other side of the world and still receiving text messages and emails that alert you when an employee clocks into work late or early. MinuteHound serves as your extra pair of eyes in the workplace. When an employee clocks into work, you can rest assured that it is the person who she says she is. Another one of the big problems with inefficient time cards is how it takes a lot of messy paperwork to track this information. With the fingerprint time attendance machine, you eliminate the bulk of that paperwork, and you do not have to continue keeping track of all of it. MinuteHound is an environmentally friendly solution that revolutionizes the workplace.

The great thing about the fingerprint time and attendance machine is how you do not have to calculate the employee payroll. Everything gets calculated automatically, which means that you can keep your focus on what matters most—your business. Finally, MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance machine keeps you safe from legal liabilities. Imagine a disgruntled employee suddenly decides to take you to court because they claim you did not pay them for all the time worked. With the fingerprint time attendance machine from MinuteHound, everything is laid out in an indisputable manner that makes that impossible.

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