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The Advantages of Using a Fingerprint Time Attendance System

A fingerprint time attendance system offers the best of all worlds, allowing employers to monitor activity with greater precision. Here are some examples of how this particular system offers benefits that other approaches cannot.

Eliminates the Need to Scan Badges
Some attendance systems rely on the issuance of identification badges. Equipment is used to scan bar codes on those badges. While this works just fine, it does not prevent the possibility of a stolen badge being used by unauthorized personnel. Fingerprints are unique from one person to the next. By utilizing a fingerprint time attendance system, there is no need to worry about lost of stolen badges, or who might try to use them. Unless the prints are recognized by the system, access will be denied.

No More Passwords
Some systems require the use of a password. Using a fingerprint time attendance system eliminates the need for passwords or security codes. Since the system relies on verification using prints, there is never any need to change codes at all. That helps to increase security and also make it easier for employees to come and go as they have need.

You Can’t Forget to Bring Your Fingerprints
How many times have you had an employee who forgot to bring a badge or access card? When this happens, somebody has to let the employee in and manually enter the attendance data. A fingerprint time attendance system gets rid of all that, since the data is automatically recorded, and employees are highly unlikely to forget to bring their fingers to work.

Lower Cost of Maintenance
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineThe typical fingerprint time attendance system is also easier to maintain than other tracking systems. Programming the system for new employees requires nothing more than a scan of the fingerprints. Over the life of the fingerprint time attendance system, the employer saves a lot of money in terms of operational costs.

Cloud Storage
It is not unusual for a fingerprint time attendance system to include cloud storage for prints and attendance data. That means the information can be accessed from any location, provided the right security codes are used. As a result, there are no worries about damage to attendance records. The features of the fingerprint time attendance system make it easy to retrieve data when it is needed, whether that data relates to the current pay period or a time frame that is several years old.

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