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Clock In and Out Software is Better with MinuteHound

Clock in and out software is nothing new to the business world. Plenty of companies have been using these technologies for years now. Even though they have tried to perfect their systems, they still find problems with lost time and lost money. Now that MinuteHound is on the scene, clock in and out software is better than ever.

Companies often have trouble with time theft. This issues can be the result of accidents or deliberate manipulation. Employees might ask others to sign-in to the computers for them on mornings when they are running late. However, computers might also take a long time to get started or inaccurately record the time. MinuteHound’s clock in and out software helps to prevent both of these problems.

First of all, the software is extremely accurate and easy to use. Employees need only swipe their fingerprints, and their times in and out will be recorded. Since no complicated and convoluted technology is needed, the process is efficient and easy-to-use. Owners can rest assured that only the appropriate amounts of time are recorded with this clock in and out software.

Intentional theft is a huge problem, and this clock in and out software helps to protect against that as well. Since employees need to swipe in and out of the system with their fingerprints, having someone else do it for them is impossible. Only the person who swipes in can receive credit for those hours worked.

Clock In and Out Software is more Than Just Attendance

Fingerprint Time Clock Uses 128-Bit EncryptionNot only does the system help businesses to protect against lost funds due to employee theft, but the tool also acts as a manager. Owners, bosses and managers can program the clock in and out software to let them know if an employee departs for the day early or does not show up at all. Through a text message or an email, the person in-charge will be notified of any discrepancies. This allows the company to find a replacement for the day and to confront the employee about where he or she was.

These benefits likely sound wonderful to many business owners and managers, but they may also be fearful of how complicated this system is to set up. With MinuteHound’s clock in and out software, all you need is a computer or multiple computers for a larger company. MinuteHound works with you to select the appropriate amount of systems for your business. Once the program arrives, the clock in and out software is plug-and-play, so it can be set up in a matter of minutes. Even if a problem occurs with the system, customer service is available around the clock to address any concerns or questions that you have.

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