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Fingerprint Time Clock Eliminates Payroll/Time Theft

There are a multitude of challenges one faces when attempting to run a company smoothly and efficiently. One of the biggest of these challenges is overcoming employee time theft. Time theft occurs when an employee finds a way to falsely report hours worked in order to receive pay for hours not worked and can be accomplished in a variety of ways, the most common of which is buddy-punching, or having a friend at work clock in an employee who is not there. Time theft is a serious problem. In the past, dealing with this problem has been a matter of catching someone in the act, but now, technology offers us a new solution in the form of a new fingerprint time clock.

MinuteHound is a fingerprint time clock that is versatile, easy to install and use, and provides managers with easy access to labor reports from any internet connection in the world. Adding a fingerprint time clock to any company can save a company 5% each year in time theft because it eliminates the problem all together.

The fingerprint time clock works using biometric fingerprint technology. The software used in the fingerprint time clock is cloud based, which allows managers to access the information from anywhere and prevents any tampering with the data that has been recorded.

Since the fingerprint time clock does not use any physical time cards, ink, or stamping mechanisms, it is much more efficient and cost effective than older methods. Some new time clocks allow for PIN based clock ins, but the PIN method still allows for people to punch each other in, something which cannot be done with the fingerprint time clock.

How A Fingerprint Time Clock Works

Biometric TIme & AttendanceThe technology of the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock may seem intimidating or even futuristic, but is in fact, very easy to learn. Training on the system takes only minutes, ensuring that the system is understood and used properly by everyone in the company. The system also has many advanced features not found in other products, such as an alert feature that can send a text message or email if an employee is late, leaves early, or does not show up for a shift at all. This gives the managers freedom to be away from the job site while still giving them the control needed to ensure things are running smoothly.

The fingerprint time clock is a technological wonder that can bring a greater degree of efficiency and order to any business in any industry. Whether the application is industrial or corporate, those who utilize the technology of a fingerprint time clock can expect a great return on their investment, and no one offers a more high-quality device than MinuteHound.

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