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Modernize Your Business With a Revolutionary Time Clock System

The time clock has been part of every business that tracks employees in one way or another since the invention of the factory. If your company is still using a time clock that uses RFID patches or punch cards to track employee time and attendance it’s time to upgrade to save your company money, get advanced control and manage other more creative time and attendance needs in your business. An effective and simple time clock system from MinuteHound provides features that other companies simply can’t match. Cloud-based reporting, no learning curves, plug and play technology and round the clock support for systems makes a time clock from MinuteHound a smart business decision.

A Time Clock Can Save Your Business Money
Most time clock systems require some physical method of managing employees. Systems that require cards to clock in and out require you to keep extra cards on hand in case they are lost or stolen. Additionally, when one of these systems needs a hardware upgrade, the business owner is forced to upgrade to maintain the same level of service and security. A fingerprint reader is a simple device that plugs into any computer with an Internet connection. This allows business owners to avoid the need to keep inventory and can save the company money by requiring employees to be physically present when clocking in. This feature alone can save your company thousands in lost income due to employees not clocking in or out on time.

How a Time Clock Gives You Advanced Control
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackImagine you have an employee that continually shows up late to work. You can’t always be there to babysit and make sure the employee arrives. With a time clock system that tracks your employees time clock punches, you can check immediately to make sure an employee arrived at work. This allows you to know when you have an employee with attendance issues that can’t seem to make it to work on time. You can then intervene and find out what needs to happen to help the employee get to work on time, whether it’s changing their schedule or finding other methods to make sure the employee arrives on time.

Creative Uses for a Time Clock
Using a fingerprint system to track employee hours isn’t the only use for an advanced time and attendance system. You can also use a fingerprint reader to take attendance at meetings or conventions that are off-site. Since a fingerprint reader is highly portable, you can take it virtually anywhere. Schools are using fingerprint systems to make sure students get where they need to be on field trips. Organizations use fingerprint systems to log who enters a specific area of a building. Creative solutions are only limited by your imagination.

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